Checklist for coming to Taiwan with 90 day Visa-exemption

I’m a U.S. resident and passport holder and I’ve accepted a job as an English teacher in Taichung. I’m arriving at the Taoyuan airport sometime in late August. I’m trying to clear up a few things (this is my first time flying out of the country)…

a) I’m going to buy a ticket from Taipei to Manila as proof as my intention to depart Taiwan in 90 days. I’m not going to purchase a ticket out of Manila, which would be required of me if I really were planning on traveling there. The reason I bring this up, is because I have read that technically I am supposed to not only have a confirmed onward flight out of Taiwan, but also meet the Visa requirements for the destination to which I’m flying (which for the Philippines would be to have a confirmed onward flight out of there within 21 days).

b) Proof of funds? Do they really check? If so, what’s the most efficient way? Have a money order?

c) Will I need passport photos?

d) Basically, if anyone would chime in with their thoughts on what I should expect/prepare for, as well as maybe a checklist of things I will (and will not) need, that would be greatly appreciate!

I am a EU citizen, but I believe the same rules apply to you guys when it come to visa-exempt entry. Here is the checklist that worked for me 10+ times

-Passport with at least 6 month of validity

-myself in a presentable state

The end.

^^What he said (I think Novaspes is a he?)

You’re doing your homework and staying on top of things, which is commendable and will help you during your stay in Taiwan. The process at Immigration will take all of a few seconds, so you can relax.

a) All they care about is that outward ticket, if they even check. Do make sure your passport has at least 6 months of validity.

b) Proof of funds is only required for a visitor’s visa. Not applicable for visa exempt entry.

c) You don’t need photos for visa exempt (each immigration counter has a computer camera and the worker will snap your photo to put in the computer). You’ll soon notice that passport photos will be required by many other offices during your stay in Taiwan. If you didn’t bring extras, there are little self-service photo booths at many public locations, usually near whatever office you’re dealing with. In fact, I’d suggest using these booths because they’re cheap ($150nt for 8 photos), and they’ll provide photos with the exact dimensions that are required.

d) If you don’t feel like wading through the humorous/snarky remarks on this forum to get to a serious/helpful reply, feel free to PM me with any questions. Welcome to Taiwan and enjoy your stay!

Hi there,

If you’ve been offered a job, shouldn’t your Taiwanese employer sponsor your work permit instead of you entering the country as a tourist?

I’ve been flying in and out of Taiwan for over 8 years. The only person that ever checks for onward flight is the check-in counter agent at the airline when checking in for the flight to Taiwan.

I am in the exact same boat as the original poster, and I’m just wondering, when I am going through immigration at the airport and they ask me why I am coming to Taiwan, what do I say? Do I say that I am visiting a friend?

They probably won’t say a thing to you. Just say you are visiting and going to travel around the island.

They may want you to put an address where you can be contacted if need be. They will only want to contact you if suddenly they discover everyone on your flight is carrying ebola or some such !

If you do not have any such address, put the name of the hotel you intend to stay at that first night.