Checklist for quitting my job & staying in Taiwan

I’ve got an ARC and been at my job for a little more than a year.

I plan to quit.

I plan to take a month or 2 to think over my future and my next move.

It is possible that I will end up looking for a job at a new cram school after a month or 2.

What happens with my ARC? Can my current school really screw me over if they want? I think that I can get some type of a “looking for work visa” that is up to 6 months BUT that I need some type of a document from my current cram school for that. HOWEVER if they do not give it I think I can always do a visa run and stay here on a tourist visa.

If I get a new job do I need to provide a new police check from back home? I would guess from a tourist visa to new job/ARC probably yes but from a looking for work visa to a new job/ARC probably no.

Am I out of luck for Taiwan health insurance when between jobs? For this it is obviously NO if on a tourist visa but I would guess that there may be a way if I am on a looking for work visa.

Thank you very much in advance!!!

I’ll try to help with some of your questions:

  1. Your ARC is attached to your job.
  2. Go to the immigration department with a notice of termination from your other school to get a six month ARC extension.
  3. They will almost certainly give you a notice of termination.
  4. I don’t know about the background check.
  5. NHI can be applied retroactively in some circumstances. I can’t comment on the specifics.

Good Luck :slight_smile: