Cheese in a can

anyone know where to buy “real” cheese in a can? I’m not talking about cheez whiz. I want the stuff that you can put on crackers@!

I didn’t know that real cheese came in a can. You must be American. Hahaha…so am I so I can get away with that joke.

Seriously though is there such a thing as very good quality cheese-in-a-can?

I bought a can of Feta cheese from Grandma Nitties … so yes there is Cheese in a can! OH and theres also a can of Kraft Cheddar in our kitchen but I have no clue where that came from! BUT IT EXISTS!

Yeah, you can get feta there, but their supply is erratic. I bought the last can once, but the boss (a charming lady) demanded it back with apologies.

Last time I was there it seemed like they were thinning out their groceries.