Chemicals for photographic use

I’m after a list of chemicals used in holography (most of which are also used in regular photography), preferably in central Taiwan (Taichung) but I will travel anywhere to get my hands on the stuff. I’ve only been able to find chemical wholesalers who will not sell to me directly. I’m also looking for photographic mirrors and lenses. Specifically, I need:

Misc chemicals:
Chromium acetate or chromium alum
300bloom gelatin
Ascorbic acid
Distilled water
Sodium hydroxide
Acetone [solution]
TEA (triethanolamine)
Anhydrous sodium carbonate
Metol (sometimes called Elon)
Copper sulfate crystals
Potassium bromide
Acetic acid

Pinacyanol chloride or 1,1-diethyl-2,2 cyanine iodide

Other bits:
12"x12" or similar glass plates (must be glass)
15-25mm focal length concave mirror, flat coated mirror

I have no idea what most of those stuff are, but I suggest you ask where there are some high schools emphasis on art classes in Taichung area.
There should be plenty of art supply shops around the schools.

I have a friend who was attending a high school emphasizing in art in Taipei city, and she told me usually there are tons of art supply shops (which also sell those kinda chemicals) by that kinda high schools.

Or maybe go to a photo shop (there should be plenty everywhere), and ask them if they’re able to sell you some. Make sure you go to those that looks like a family business rather than going to a supermarket’s photo stand or something.

If you still have no idea where to find them, email me at and I will ask my friend.