Chen lashes out at Ma

From the Taipei Times:

Isn’t this a case of the pot and the kettle. Didn’t Chen refuse to meet with James Soong after his trip to Europe? Anyway, why bring cross-strait policy into this? It’s only a mayoral election!

Oh, it’s just the Times’ daily “We Hate Ma” article. It’s pretty much the same thing every day. By the way, what was their “We Love Lee” article today? I didn’t catch it.

From today’s Taipei Times:

I guess it’s becoming very clear that this is not a race between Ma Yingjiu and Li Yingyuan, but between Ma Yingjiu and Chen Shuibian. The DPP seems to be positively terrified. But then again, according to this story in today’s Taipei Times, Ma has over three times as much support as Li does. Guess they have a good reason to be nervous. :sunglasses:

This kind of stuff is why I stopped reading the Times. I agree with almost every point they make, but find the way they do it so self-righteously annoying that I just can’t take it anymore.

isn’t mayor ma just ramping up for his own run at the presidency in the next elections?

the general cartoonishness of taiwanese politics (except for the x-strait bizness) makes it very unappealing. really, what’s the point? if you want cartoon politics just go to trudeau covers a lot of ground.

If he were, then he’d be aiming to lose. He can’t run for president while he’s still mayor.