Chen Shui-bian: Pro-Unificationist? … /11/194170

How in the world did this guy come to the conclusion that Chen Shui-bian is a pro-unificationist? Sometimes I wonder where on earth the Taipei Times finds these “scholars” … bizarre … :laughing:

Well, Chen does try to be all things to all people, but something tells me nothing short of a formal declaration of independence would please this “scholar” who, just like most of the most fervent Taiwanese independence evangelists, is based safely in the US.

Sounds alot like Sun Yat-Sen. :laughing:

Yeah, that worked out great! He got his own big statue and everything! But only after he came back to China and actually got his hands dirty letting Yuan Shi-kai elect himself Emperor. Seemed to have worked out alright in the end, though, as “the father of our country” is revered on both sides of the strait.