Chen/Soong and Clinton/Lewinsky

Has anyone else noticed the eerie parallels between the affairs of Chen and Soong and Bill and Monica?

In both cases, a controversy arose concerning whether the president did or did not have improper private meetings with his counterpart. Both presidents have been accused of improper relations before, Chen with his young advisor/translator and Clinton with a slew of big-haired bimbos. Both counterparts enjoy rubbing shoulders (and other body parts) with those in power in the hopes of landing a better job. Soong is a floozy for China; Monica . . .

Soong reportedly said, “in none of the three meetings did I take the first move.” Monica said the same. Chen reportedly said, “as long as Soong can keep it private, I will do the same.” Clinton said the same.

Clinton was mocked for wagging one finger on camera saying, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Chen reportedly said that he had “private talks” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) with “that man” many times. Soong was photographed wagging three fingers and saying they only did it three times.

I don’t know whether a cigar or thong underwear was involved in the Chen/Soong affair, but I do recall allegations before Chen was elected that he supposedly had his secretary procure prostitutes and wash his underwear for him. That’s true–those were the allegations.

In any event, it was said after the Clinton/Lewinsky affair that God gave man a penis and a brain, but only enough blood to work one at a time. The clowns in this controversy seem to lack even that.

I wonder who the “man” is.

One of them is gonna end up screwed.