surprise! betel nut chewing is linked to certain kinds of cancer … tel_cancer

Actually I was surprised that this habit has origins in India too. And that GB is the #1 importer of the nut outside Asia.

but you save a lot of money on toothpaste in the long run.

Actually the betel nut stalls (pan in India) are a real treat. They offer way more condiments to add to the basic sliced betel nut, betel leaf and lime. They have the dried stuff available in the Indian food shop on Zhong Xiao out near Song Ren Road.

Actually betel nut has some interesting qualities, one of which is to aid digestion and the other to get rid of intestinal parasites. Oh, and it is a carcinogen. They usually have posters in ENT doctor’s clinics and dentists pointing out the cancer causing elements of the nut.