Chez Madame Zee

Anyone been to Chez Madame Zee? What type of place is it? Western style, Chinese style etc?

My company is thinking of having a Christmas party there. Is it a good venue for this, with a 60/40 mix of foreigners and Taiwanese people.

… and good, bad or somewhere in the middle?

it’s sort of like a chinese nightclub with a buffet and a band, and tea time in the afternoon. good cakes…
very avg. western food overall.
depends on how many people u have for the party. might be bummed out by the chinese cover bands…yuck.
you can try the Living Room which has a cool “private” feel, terrific food, and are pretty cheap. I went to a party there, and it was great. They also can get a band or DJ privately. Another place is a hot pot place called Guo Bi Pun Da which is off of Loli Rd near the Far Eastern Plaza. But it’s hot pot, and more pricy, but very tasty.
Carnegie’s also has ok food, and can be Ok if you go there early like aroudn 6. But the women in the company will be turned off when it starts turning into lecher-ville.

good luck!