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China supporting terrorists should make one think twice next time you buy ‘Made in China’


Sigh. If this is the line, one may argue that person isnt thinking at all :frowning: the writing has been on the wall for decades. If this is what makes them click, sorry dumb dumb. Better late than never i suppose.

Who are the terrorists? I wouldn’t agree that the Taliban are terrorists. They have as much claim to Afghanistan as anyone else. The current government is a corrupted joke.

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You’re not seriously defending the Taliban are you?

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They’ve done good work in the area of popularizing beards


Didnt western governments?

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Hindsight is 20/20.

Mostly Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
The Taliban have high support among the Pashtun majority.

I cannot see the CCP being sucked into a ‘graveyard of empires’.

Please name even one Western government that defended the Taliban. Be specific and give at least one example of how.

They are doing Allah’s work by keeping women in our place, barefoot, pregnant, and carrying water from the community well to our kitchens.

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When you put it that way, worth remembering that it is one

Namely Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. Seems the idea the US trained a lot of taliban has fallen out of favor. Like most if us, i am simply eating what is being fed to me. Secondarily supporting them places like egypt, south africa, saudi arabia. Saudi seems more important given its support from basically all countries, and especially western ones.

Anywho. this will go down a rabbit hole on something i was just making a sarcastic remark about haha. Its not my wheel house.

You might be conflating the mujahideen with the Taliban:

Iran is not the Taliban, and the west hasn’t supported Iran since the Shah who was hardly an Islamic extremist. The Pakistani military/government which saw a lot of western investment post-911 is not the Taliban, although there are ties (remember OBL’s hideout?). Egypt’s military government is supported by the US, but is not the Taliban (Mullah Omar, an Al Qaeda bigwig, got his start fighting them as part of the Muslim Brotherhood), and similarly Saudi Arabia’s monarchy’s ties with the US was hated by bin Laden and was one of the stated reasons for 911. I’m not sure about western support for South Africa (which itself could be considered a western country), but what the Taliban connection is to that country I have no idea.

The Taliban certainly benefited from western support for the mujahideen, but I don’t think (m)any western governments have deliberately/directly defended the Taliban (especially since 911).

I never knew that Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran were considered “Western governments”.

The U.S. never recognized the Taliban as a legitimate government even when the Taliban were running most of Afghanistan in the late 1990s and very early 2000s. And of course after September 11th, the U.S. did its very best to exterminate as many of the terrorists as possible.

The U.S. supported the Northern Alliance, which was the faction the Taliban had been doing its best to slaughter for the years prior to September 11th.

The U.S. was, of course, forced to talk with Taliban “leaders” throughout the occupation. That is not “recognizing” them. It was trying to negotiate instead of just glassing the entire country.

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China was commenting on Afghanistan before the US pulled out.

If they want to be a world power, they have to try to occupy the land at some time.

The Taliban largely came out of Pakistan but they are in the same general family tree as the mujahideen who were US-Saudi-Pakistan supported…and sort of created the bearded devils according to a lot of people who know a fair amount about the area, including Hillebrand, who wrote the book below.

US foreign policy frequently looks bad but you don’t really know its impact until down a generation or so…sometimes it results in countries that look like Japan and sometimes freedom fighters become terrorists.

Why? Because Britain, the Soviet Union , and America did? I( mean, the lesson would seem to be “don’t try to occupy Afghanistan”. It"s like “don’t invade Russia”(Napoleon and Hitler) or “don’t fight a war with Vietnam” (China, France, America, and China- they don’t learn so good)

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It’s like an initiation into the fraternity.

don’t hate the players hate the [great] game