Chiang Kai Shek vs. Leonid Brezhnev

The Second Annual Dictators Contest

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Round 1:

Leopoldo Galtieri vs. Chiang Kai-Chek

This pairing can be judged on what became of these men in defeat. Where Chaing fled to Taiwan, completely buldozed the political system and held power until his death Galtieri found a nice small appartment in Buenos Aires and proceeded to get drunk…for nineteen years.

Round 2:

Chiang Kai Shek vs. Ion Antonescu

As interesting a ruler as Antonescu is he is probably more infamous for his defeats, notably Stalingrad, than anything else. Chiang, though defeated by the Communists in his homeland (thank you General Marshal) he continued to prosper on Taiwan. Where his rule was uncontested until his death.


Chiang Kai Shek vs. Leonid Brezhnev

Imagine a world where China did not go Communist in 1949. No Korean War, No Vietnam War, No Pol Pot, a less aggressive Pakistan, possible even a democratic Burma…and Chiang through to the next round. However we live in a reality where Mao was triumphant and Chiang was forced to flee to an offshore island in order to survive. None of that nonsense for Leonid. More missiles, more repressions, more KGB officers and more deportees to the Gulag. Brezhnev leaves Chiang in his wake.

And the winner of the Finals is…but that would be giving it away.

How would you rate Chiang on this 5-star scale? My ratings:

Insanity *
Paranoia ***
Greed *****
Corruption ***** +++ (if you could give 6 or 7 stars, I would)
Style **
Longevity ****
Corpulence *