Chicago Pizza Bar&Grill (NOW CLOSED), Colorado 303, New Mexico

OK, I will try if I am back in Denver (who knows when now all meetings are online).

Hope is better. You remember where I went, besides the burger and Chipotile , the Asian ones I remember were also not good for someone living in Asia like me and this Japanese reviewer:
アメリカン人受けするレストラン - Review of Matsuhisa Denver, Denver, CO - Tripadvisor

Matsuhisa seems to be liked by locals a lot, but Asians and my Japanese and Taiwanese co worker not so much (they thought it was rip off price) (The Japanese review says this, not good food for Japanese people)

the other one was PF Chang, the people there in Denver seems like it a lot. To me is very Americanized Asian food.

Matsuhisa is Nobu. West of the Mississippi it’s called Matsuhisa and east is called Nobu. Thats the same as if you were in New York. You’re paying for the brand. Sushi I’d recommend Sushi Den and next door is the same owner Izakaya. Another place called Domo is country style Japanese set in a Japanese garden.

PF Changs is like Chipotle or Smashburger, another chain that you could get anywhere in the country. I would not even consider this Chinese food. I believe I listed before where to get real Chinese or Taiwanese food in another thread. Most are places where you ask for the Chinese menu.

But this is not Denver’s strength compared to west or east coast. For asian, there are more Vietnamese than any other asian group so the Vietnamese food is on point. For other types of ethnic food, 30% of Denver is Mexican and entire areas are all in Spanish so plenty of good Mexican food. Also Ethiopian food is good in Denver with plenty of restaurants if you ever had it.

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I’d personally be fine with it, but that might be a deal breaker for my wife and toddler. Guess I’ll have to go there alone.
[the night I was there was smoke free.

They have Pizza on the menu now but did not try it. Had the roast which was good.

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Did you try the Pizza there?

seems to closed down. Not sure temp closing or not.

That’s a shame. He was nice. Hopefully just temporarily.

Well’p certainly doesn’t look good. His last update was also just around when all the businesses had to shut last summer due to COVID. Probably another casualty of that damn thing.

Too bad, one less choice. Hope most can stay in business with take away this month.