Chicken Rice (Taiwanese band)

I saw Chicken Rice (“we are the most important psychobilly band in Taiwan”) the other day in Taichung.

Do they have a CD? Where and when do they play next time?

It’s hard to get info on these guys.

Chicken Rice don’t seem to have a website of their own, but they are a member of “yahoo clubs taiwan” and do have a profile there, with some info on their shows.

Unfortunately you can’t view that unless you become a member of yahoo clubs.
To register, go here (It’s all in Chinese):

If you’re a member, do a search in Chinese for 正港雞腿飯, which is
their profile name or just type in their band name in Chinese

They also often post their upcoming shows on the Chinese language website Modern Musician:

This link takes you to the band shows section on Modern Musician: … f55ef&f=21

Eric/Red 23

Red 23’s official website:

I saw these guys in Taichung as well. They were the last act in the blues bash and rocked! I really enjoyed their show.