Chickpeas or Garbanzos in Taichung?

Does anyone know where I can find these? Maybe even an India food store? I just like that type of food. Thanks!

I don’t know specifically for Taichung but they’re available in pretty much every supermarket in Taipei so I’d guess it’d be the same there.

I’ve seen chickpeas sold by the can in Carrefoure both in Taipei and Taoyuan, so it’s a good bet Taichung has them too. They have all the ingredients there you need to make hummus, the only problem is figuring out what to do about flat bread…

Fully enough I found pita bread at Costco and it freezes well, but I swear I can’t find any chickpeas at Carrefour. :frowning: Are they in the canned section, or the “international” section?

Chickpeas in Carrefour come and go. The one I usually go to had them for a year, then stopped carrying them a couple of months ago. Same with capers. And couscous. :cry:

get a pressure cooker and get them dried from Finga’s restaurant or order them from Trinity Indian Grocery store in Taipei. Both can be located through facebook.