Chico the Merciless

[color=red]EDIT: We have decided to keep this adorable thing ourselves. [/color]

Dragonbabe rescued this 3-month-old male kitten the other day in Neihu, Taipei. Unlike most strays, he was very friendly and let her approach him and pick him up. Turns out he’s a very affectionate lil’ thing, and purrs when you hold him. Right now we’re calling him Chico (boy in Spanish).

Chico’s very healthy and clean, and has a good appetite. He’s very playful too. Here he is after being washed and vaccinated, which he went through without any fuss at all. :sunglasses: In fact, he’s SUCH a sweetie that it’s quite a temptation to keep him for ourselves. But we’ve got two cats and are boarding a third, and we just can’t deal with four!

If you’re interested in temporarily fostering or permanently adopting this adorable, playful kitten, please PM me for details.

Update – we’ve decided to keep this one. :smiley:

Ha! Nice one. :bravo:

Let me be the VERY FIRST to say “Ha! Nice one. :bravo:”

This thing is F-ing adorable. And it spent 11 days mercilessly and incessantly attacking JDSmith’s cat, Sugar, causing the overweight Sugar to lose a reported one kilo in weight ! :laughing:

Sugar is big boned! :raspberry:

You know, your adopting an energetic playmate would help Sugar keep that weight off…
We’ll keep our eyes open for another one for you. :wink:


Makes me miss my Twister back home…