Chief Needs a Loving Home

Chief was limping his way down the road and upon a closer look he hopped on the scooter. He lied down, almost collapsed as if to say ‘Please Help Me!’ He was ridden with fleas and his leg was hurting. The first thing we did for him was to get rid of all the fleas, lice, and ticks. He was so infested, he was literally being eaten alive. Chief was very emaciated and anemic mostly due to the flea infestation. He also had a tumor on his front leg and he had a mangled paw. Our veterinary thinks his paw was rolled over by a car.
When we rescued him, Chief weighed 13 kg. He is now fully recovered and weighs a healthy 21 kg. Chief is house-trained, scooter-trained, and trained to sit, stay and come. He is very calm and he’s great with other dogs, cats and children. He is ready and waiting for a loving home. For more info contact

Chief has been adopted :discodance:
We rescued Chief over 2 years ago. He’s been with us since then. He became part of our family and it was really hard to see him go :cry: But at the same time, it was easy because we know that he went to the best home! A friend and long time BARK volunteer adopted him and promised that Chief will go wherever he goes. Chief goes for walks every day up Monkey Mountain and he gets to run around with children at soccer practice on weekends. He gets lots of attention, exercise and from what we hear, lots of delicious meaty bones, too. What can we say other than he deserves it! :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, I couldn’t be happier.

[quote=“the chief”]Yes indeed, I couldn’t be happier.[/quote]Goooood boy. :slight_smile: