Chihuahua in taiwan

hi, i tried to ask a couple of forums about chihuahua in taiwan…i really wish to buy a pure bred chihuahua in your country. So im looking for a reputable breeder but its kinda hard for me because i cant read and speak your language, i only understand english… But if you know a website of breeders and info and numbers so i can speak to them, ill just find someone who can translate. :slight_smile: i hope you can help me…
thank you.

Who You talkin’ to Willis?

I’ll repeat what I said on that forum. Except on this forum you will find more people telling you how bad an idea it is, and they won’t be as polite as me. Check out this thread to see people’s opinions of breeders in Taiwan

There is no Kennel Club and there are no reputable dog breeders in Taiwan. They are all cruel heartless bastards that care only for money and nothing for the poor inbred dogs they mistreat. Any money you give them is paying for animal cruelty.

There are plenty of stray dogs that are crying out for a good home, they’re a lot cheaper and healthier. Or get one from where ever you are now.

95 Chihuahuas for adoption here and hundreds of them in shelters around Taiwan

I’ll second that…politely… :fume:

A friend of mine saved an abandoned chihuahua recently and nursed him back to health with the help of her vet. I am sure she would be happy to find a good permanent home for him.

Please contact me if you are interested in adopting him.


There are none. NONE. Why on earth do you want to buy one in Taiwan?

So you guys are trying to tell us there is none?

My girl was telling me a couple months back that there’s an area (a “mountain”, apparently) where over a hundred chihuahuas have been dumped in the last year or so and are now all starving to death. Anyone else hear about that?

polarbear1, instead of producing more pups to add to the already flooded market, why not rescue some of these abandoned ones and sell those instead? You can still make money, you won’t be adding to the problem, it will cost less, and you will be helping the dogs.

Can you tell me why all the calls I get recently for breedable purebreds are from Philippinos? Is dog breeding becoming popular over there?