Child beaten to death by father

First the drunk who threw his toddler daughter into a pot of hot water and now a father who beat his 2 year old daughter to death. I am glad they are proposing life in prison or death for such crimes. Those animals deserve no less. I propose the death penalty for both of these savages. Why dont these people just give up their children for adoption if they cannot or will not take care of them? There are many who want the children. … 2003441811

I am shocked by the high figure of children who died as the result of abuse since 2005. It’s 70!
How high is that figure in other countries?

EDIT: figures for US:


Child fatalities are the most tragic consequence of maltreatment. For 2004, an estimated 1,490 children died due to child abuse or neglect.[/quote] … ummary.htm

They should take the guy, tie him to a post and beat him to death with a baseball bat… :fume:

I caught this on the news in SF today and the reporter was demonstrating how hard he’d have to slam the bamboo broom against the cement ground to prove his point that the dad beat his kid till the bamboo broom broke into pieces.

He kept her tied to the bed and beat her three separate times throughout the day, according to the news.

Poor baby.

Yes I really can not fathom a person who would be cruel to a small child? I couldnt even be mean to a rat. HOw can people mercilessly beat a child to death? Or throw a child into a pot of hot boiling water?

IF it was up to me, that man who threw his child into a pot of boiling water should die the very same way. And this second guy should also be beaten to death.

And the story should be well publicized. YOU DO THIS< WE WILL DO THIS TO YOU>

Deterence CAN work.

I like the law here though, that penalties increase 50% at least if a child is involved.

Back home, this kind of criminals are welcomed appropiately by their fellow immates… if you know what I mean.

Nevertheless, we are all responsible, as one of teh articles say, we must denounce when children are in dangerous situations. The neighbors knew there was trouble in the house. Social services may not be able to act promptly, but with enough claims, they have to move. Even the police, which we critisize so much, can be made to take action if we remind them of these sad cases.

I used to be very upset with my top floor neighbor, because when he came from work, he played with the kids and made a lot of noise late into the night… until the Wang child case. Afterwards, I realized he was a good father, and that the option was worse. Now the kids are in school and there is no more noise.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the father who “boiled” his 10-month-old daughter should get his just deserts, but the mother is not totally blameless. According to the news reports, she kept on taunting him during the argument: “Go ahead. Throw her in. I dare you! I dare you!” And now she’s coming across as a bereaved mother who’s the victim. :unamused:

Never seen Medea?

Never seen Medea?[/quote]

What worries me most is that they have a 12 year old, too. Heavne know what happened there.

Father always denied child was his. Apparently, she taunted him as saying if he did not believe her, then get rid of her, his own flesh and blood.

Children are rarely killed by anyone but their parents. There aren’t many ways that would be acceptable to the majority to police this. It ain’t good, but it’s human nature.

I almost blubbed when I saw the TV news reports of the death of the first child after a couple or so days of intensive effort to save her life. The nurses and doctors who’d tried to save her were crying their eyes out.

How can a human being be capable of such foul depths of bestial cruelty? The only consolation is that the brute will be at the mercy of policemen, prison warders and fellow inmates who’ll be itching to give him the kind of punishment that he so thoroughly deserves but that the law does not officially condone. I only hope he’ll be prevented from doing himself in until he’s suffered at least as much as the suffering of that poor, helpless baby.

It must have been very heart wrenching for the nurses and doctors. I can just imagine. Its absolutely one of the most horrible things I have ever heard in my life. I cant even think about it.

It is heart wrenching. But the reason you can’t fathom it is because it’s way beyond logic. Obviously whatever passes for brains in the skulls of these perps are massively defective. It IS inhumane. It IS illogical. It’s like a kid born with 3 arms or 2 heads; the perps may look human, but obviously there is something completely missing inside of them, that separates them from the rest of humanity. Not metaphorically, but actually. They are clearly not fully human. Of course, that’s not an excuse at all; just the only explanation I can conjure for how a creature could commit such barbaric acts.

He should be executed by a firing squad. First a round in each of his leg, arm, and shoulder, then a bunch in his gut until he dies slowly.

I agree with MT, indeed, and what makes it worse is this sense of tralala, of “see no evil, hear no evil”.

For instance, most people think the news bit about a 3 year old kid who escapes from school and trie sto get to him mom -which, by the way, he has not seen in 6 months- is quite funny.
The TV showed embarrassed dad did give him a couple of rounds on the head for the joke (from the police station tapes).

For me, this desperate act rings lots of bells in my head. Funny wo de pi.

On a personal note, when I was doing research in local schools, I remember one case of a 15 year old, who was being scolded by her teacher because she had peed herself. Now, I think this is not normal. The teacher only had words to scold the kid for being dirty. I would start thinking all kinds of health disorders or worse.

I would say teachers here are alos unaware of drug use among their students or are taught/know how to spot sexual/physical abuse victims. When I ask them why, they claim this is a Western problem, or it is only present in kids of single mothers… Sigh

Poor kids, very sad… To my mind though not visions of inhuman monsters (though their actions certainly qualify them as such), but sadly just extreme examples of the limitless capacity for disproportionate response in the humiliated Taiwanese male ego…

It’s situations like these where ‘an eye for an eye’ seems the only just solution… An IV drip to keep them conscious and a vat of boiling water for the father and the mother…

What’s even worse to my mind are the cases like in the UK’s very own “Baby P,” in which not only the fucked-up parents but a whole social welfare system were complicit. And more and more cases like this are coming to light in the wake of that gruesome little tale. In Taiwan its fucked parents, in the UK, the fucked parents are maybe not actually aided but certainly abetted by equally fucked up social workers.

Hmmm, I don’t think so. I mean, you are the master of the actions, IE if I got taunted like that, odds would be that I would not throw the baby into a pot of boiling water - I kid you not. Neither would most of you, be you drunk or sober or whatever.

“XXXX made me do it” is not a legal defense, unless your life is directly at risk by not doing it, and then it would still be hard to defend IMHO.

Just heard it on the news. The prosecutors are asking for life. Not exactly the firing squad some people had hoped, but in this day and age, that’s about the severest punishment that can be meted out by law. Hope he gets it.

Most obvious part of the article:

“Officials advise parents to heed caution when dropping off their children before heading to work, making sure they are in the safe hands of school care takers.”