Child of Divorce looking to do Dual Citizenship (US and TW)

Hi all, I’ve been reading a bunch of threads but haven’t quite seen one that exactly mirrors my situation. :sweat_smile:

I currently hold US Citizenship, both my biological mother and father were born in Taiwan, but they met and got married here in the US in the 90’s, and had me (I’m female, so I don’t have to worry about conscription in Taiwan). My parents got divorced, and my father remarried (also in the US).

I’m 26, so as far as I’m aware (correct me if I’m wrong) I will have to first apply for the NWOHR Passport, then later establish Taiwanese Residency by staying there for a year (also, I’ll have to double check with my father, but I believe he has the Household Registration 戶籍 somewhere). I noticed one of the required documents for the passport application is a marriage certificate. I’m sure I can ask if their old marriage certificate still around, but will I need their divorce papers as well?

Does anyone else have a similar situation? Do you have any tips for filing the application in this case?

Your household registration has probably expired. You might want to check that.

You shouldn’t need their divorce certificate. You’ll need your birth certificate stamped by the TECO (maybe TECRO but I remember they changed their name back to TECO) office in the US.

Once you do the mandatory minimum it’s a relatively easy process.

Best of luck.

Thanks for your quick response. Just to be sure, I need both the birth certificate and marriage certificate stamped by TECO right?

As far as I know yes. Although you can get most of the dual citizenship process done while still in the US. The marriage certificate is less necessary because both of your parents are Taiwanese but should still be done to avoid problems later.

And they should be notarized. This is important because it means those documents can be used again at a later date.