Child Subsidy / Child Benefit from City Government

My pregnant spouse-to-be has household registration in Taichung, while I am a foreigner on an APRC living in Taipei. We plan to move her household registration to Taipei before having our child, but this makes her ineligible for Taipei’s NT$20,000 child subsidy, as you need to have been registered in Taipei for a year before becoming eligible for it.

Technically, either parent can apply, but as a foreigner who has lived here legally for over a decade, paid his taxes on time, has an open work permit with APRC and will be fathering a newborn citizen of the ROC, I’m confident that I will NOT be able to apply for this subsidy on our child’s behalf because I clearly don’t have household registration. Can anyone confirm my pessimistic interpretation of this situation?

Unfortunately you are correct. I wasn’t able to apply in my ARC, as they required a Taiwan ID for the primary registrant. You can find more replies in this topic:

Thanks, Adam_CLO. This is precisely the kind of thing that makes me scoff at the people who tell me to 入境隨俗… (and incidentally makes me angry as hell).

Does anyone else have similar experiences? I have no reason to believe the APRC will afford me any advantage over a regular ARC but it’s worth checking.

It’s not exactly aimed at foreigners per se. Taiwanese have to get a Hukou too and it’s hard to change it unless you have property to your name, if you are not married you often just have to belong to your parents Hukou.

Of course I’m not even sure if you can create your own Hukou by purchasing property as a foreigner, need to check that one.

What about that subsidy you can get (60% of the previous wage, I guess) when you leave your job for some time in order to take care of your child?
Can you get that as a foreigner (if you have a baby with an ROC citizen, of course)? Any experiences anyone?

I think you can, that benefit is through the Bureau of Labor Insurance, so provided you’ve paid into the plan you should be eligible for the benefits.