Child support

Recently, my son from my first marriage is sueing me for child support. Of course, my ex-wife is the one who is representing him. She wants an enormous amount of money every month.

What’s interesting is that after every court case my attorneys have told me that there is nothing anymore that they can do to you. It’s over. It was a sigh of relief. And after a year, I would get a letter from the court saying that she is sueing me again. Believe it or not, I have been sued five times for the same thing. It’s rediculous. Now, she sueing me again for the same thing plus child support.

What is going on? It’s rediculous. The court wants me to show up on March 15th and the judge is going to use Taiwanese law. They decided to use Taiwanese law after my ex-wife found out that she couldn’t get as much money from using Texas law. So they judge decided to help her. It’s really weird that in several court cases she said that the didn’t want any money, but the court clerk(the one who threatened outside the court and the one who I threatened inside the court) failed to write it down in the court transcript.

The situation gets worse. At first, my attorney told me not to worry because they can’t enforce it if I don’t have any property. Now, she tells me that there is a possibility of me going to jail for six months.(I think my visa expires in May.) The problem is what is my current wife and 5-month old baby girl going to do in the meantime.

If anybody knows anything, Please help! :cry:

You just have to take responsibilities. If you have a child with anyone you have to pay for Child Support. It doesn’t matter how many wives you got or how many children you have abandoned but you STILL HAVE TO pay for child support. Be a man think with you real head and not your little willie’s head ok?

It’s also about reality. Coming from a western world, everything is practically given to you. You don’t have to worry about anything. It’s a rather sick place if you think about it because it doesn’t reflect any reality whatsoever. Just look at the stupidity at which the Americans tried to save Vietnam and then they were even more stupid and thought they could save Iraq.

Let me tell you about reality. It’s partially survival and hope. Half the time, you try to survive and the other half, you hope to survive.

Little western child, they want to make me starve. When in fact if they had followed the law, I would be able to support my son and give him a good life. Is it my fault, little western child? Absolutely not! My ex-wife and her family tried to kill me and ran me over on the street. The dam stupid chinese couldn’t interpret a picture from a camera showing them deliberately trying to kill me. They asked me if I could remember. I called the judge and the cop idiots in the courtroom because all anybody would have to do is to look at the pictures. So if they want me to pay, they should have first followed their own law. Then, we could talk responsibilities. Otherwise, it’s just a stupid whiny little brat talking a lot of crap!

Yikes! Cipo, judging from your above posts, I don’t think this is going to go your way. You need to learn how to play the game, rather than rail against unfair rules and an unfair judge, and unfair cops and an unfair world.

Or you could just join the People FIrst Party (Qinmin Dang). You’ll probably find a lot of kindred souls over there. :laughing:

Plus, you have an attorney who is already versed in the case. Why on earth would you need the half-arsed opinions from a bunch of armchair lawyers who don’t even have the facts of the case?
If I were you, I’d be putting pressure on your attorney.
And, I wouldn’t be calling people with the power to plunder my pocket book or throw me in jail a bunch of idiots. Not to their faces, at least.

And this quote makes me feel that you are in for a nasty shock – if they want you to pay, they’ll make you pay. Or jail you, of course.
I’m also a bit confused as to why, or even how, a Taiwan court could issue rulings based on Texas law. What’s that all about?

Here’s a song you can sing about it. Music can cheer you up when life’s unfair.

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ALIMONYa definition

The screwing you get for the screwing you got.

[quote=“Falcon”]ALIMONYa definition

The screwing you get for the screwing you got.[/quote]
An oldie but still worth a couple of :laughing: :laughing:

I resent your comments Sandman . . . I have a a very ample arse.

(Sorry to slink out of Saturday :blush: BTW).


Know nothing of your situation but witholding cash that ultimately ends in your kids mouth is just wrong. Kept me merrily broke for many years now. Ces’t la guerre, ces’t la hump. ces’t la vie!


Let me clue everybody in on this little fact. I have been sued for the same thing 4 times. Each time, I tell the judge about the previous case, but I still am tried on the same subject which was ruled in my favor for the last four times. It gets pretty rediculous especially due to the fact that she lied in the courtroom three or four times and was caught telling a lie. When I asked why someone doesn’t do anything, they replied, “She doesn’t have a good lawyer. That’s why she is inconsistent.” I told them that she simply lied. She forgot what she said in the previous courtroom. Another way of saying this is that she lied so many times she couldn’t remember what the latest lie was.

I will agree that this is an extremely unfair world. For instance, when I was in the courtroom, I saw a businessman walk out with his son and tell his ex-wife that she could have the daughter despite the fact that he had the custody of both, I was amazed. I then asked my attorney why I didn’t get custody. He replied that I wasn’t a wealthy businessman.

The fact is that some of our concepts that we were brought up with don’t apply in the real world. We have to fight and try to do our best for our families and sometimes friends. It’s not a question of responsibility. No wealthy businessmanbelieves that. Look at the tobacco industry, the Microsoft world, the military exploits and massacres around the world. Our western ideas don’t hold sway outside of the U.S. borders. Let’s explore further. How many wealthy businessmen
actually pay their right amount of tax? They spend most of the time trying to find tax loopholes. What about the poeple on this forum who have said that they wouldn’t report a high income so they wouldn’t have to pay taxes. Responsibility! A very bid word that people oppress other people with. I say this to people. I am more responsible that 90% of the people out there. Why? Because I don’t have enough money to do otherwise!

Whatever. You have not “clued anybody in” at all with regard to your case, except to claim that your ex-wife lies.
In any case, it sounds to me like you need a new attorney. One who has a clue. Why did you retain this one through four cases if he’s such a dim bulb? Oops, forget that – seems he won each time – so what’s your beef? That your wife – sorry, your son – keeps bringing suits? You’re his dad, fer crying out loud. You’re supposed to support him.
I won’t ask why you don’t want to pay support for your son. I assume you have your reasons for shirking your paternal responsibilities.

I WOULD, however, like to hear more about the Taiwan courts basing their judgements on Texan rather than Taiwan law. I’m not a lawyer, but this sounds intriguing.

[quote=“cipos”]How many wealthy businessmen
actually pay their right amount of tax? They spend most of the time trying to find tax loopholes.[/quote]

I believe that in the US, the wealthiest 5% of the population is accountable for 53% of all tax revenues.

You’re right, life ain’t fair.

There are times when a Taiwan court will base a decision on a law from a different jurisdiction. If the matter is contractual, the parties may have agreed to apply the law of Singapore, but also agreed that Taiwan courts will have jurisdiction. Taiwan courts do not particularly like these cases, as they obviously are less familiar with foreign law. In these cases, it is not unusual for foreign lawyers to be asked for explanation of the relevant foreign law.

In cases of custody with foreign parties involved, I think the issue (choice of law) is determined by Taiwan law. For instance, Taiwan’s Law Governing the Application of Laws to Civil Matters Involving Foreign Elements stipulates that “with respect to the disposing capacity of a person, the law of his country shall apply” (Article 1). Further, this Law stipulates “with respect to the obligation of maintenance, the law of the country of the person who is bound to furnish maintenance shall apply” (Article 21).

Thanks for that Tigerman. An interesting snippet of information. So it would seem that our deadbeat dad is Texan, hence the Texas-based ruling. So I guess technically he shouldn’t have much difficulty winning this fifth case either.
But if its enshrined in law, how can the judge simply decide arbitrarily to help the child by applying Taiwan law?

If “deadbeat dad” is truly concerned about being put into the slammer, why not pack up and go back to the US? I doubt they would extradite… :laughing:

Not certain of that. I think it would depend on the circumstances and whether they have changed… i.e., has the father’s income increased such that he can now provide support to his children? In the US, child support is, in principle, mandatory… unlike spousal support. If he was paying spousal support to his ex-wife and then she married a millionaire, no court would require that he continue with such support payments. However, as long as he is able (or whenever he bocomes able) to pay child support, he is obligated to do so, regardless of previous determinations by the court. At least that’s the way I remmber it… maybe some of our other resident attorneys can confirm or correct my above statements???

I’m not following this guy’s case closely. And I admit I don’t know the answer. But, I’m certain there are other facts that haven’t been disclosed in this thread.

Is the ex-wife a Taiwanese national? If yes, would the child now be a Taiwan citizen due to Taiwan’s new Nationality Law? If yes, is the child now old enough to have what the Taiwanese call “disposing capacity” to bring a claim? I don’t know???

First of all to those people who claim that I’m a deadbeat, go jump in the lake. With regard to the attorneys, I’ve had three or four different attorneys. In each case, I did most of the work. They didn’t. I’ve had help from other people in Taiwan concerning these cases.
I won each case that she filed suit in almost entirely by myself.

Concerning this child support, in the divorce settlement, she stated that she didn’t want any money. That included child support or alimony. All that she wanted was custody. So the judge awarded her custody based upon this. I told them that I could not support my son in Taiwan because as an English teacher working illegally 95% of the Taiwan, I have no retirement, social security, or 401K. To add to this, I would never know when I would be deported for some stupid reason. I wanted to take my son back to the U.S. The judge replied that Taiwan was a far better place to live than the U.S. It has a higher standard of living. There are other factors in this case.

Out of this, I managed to get some visitations rights. The problem in Taiwan is that they are not enforceable. This means what the court says is a joke. She doesn’t have to do anything and she knows it. What bothers me the most was that during all of this I paid money to my son and visited him often. She would throw the money back in my face and call me a m*fucker. She told me that she didn’t want the money. Later, she sued me again.

It gets even more strange. She even stated in the current court case that she didn’t want any money. Then, the judge asked her what you are doing here. She was at loss and then replied she couldn’t give up the rights of her son. There’s a lot more to this that most people could believe. Let me say, ‘the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed’. The corrupt Taiwan courts have had to lie big time and they have been caught. They have been caught changing court dates and numerous other facts. They lost my social workers report and couldn’t find it. Why? It was favorable towards me.

In fairness and disregarding other things, I mentioned to the court that I’m willing to work with anyone provided they give me some way to work. It’s pretty stupid to ask someone to pay money, but they can’t work or face deportation if they get caught. In addition, I’ve since remarried and have another 6-month year old child who needs what money I do have now. My ex-wife cried and said that she didn’t have any money. So I got her tax form and guess what? She is pretty-well off. She has a lot of money. The judge was pretty angry because here is another lie they will have to cover up.

To Sandman: The cases that I won were cases claiming that I abandoned them. The problem that she had was the bank accounts and wire transfers. She couldn’t quite explain them, not to mention that she stated that I gave her money!

As for my son, he’s a Taiwanese national. He is the one that is suing me.

On another note, there has been some speculation that he isn’t my son. Before she had the baby, she called to find out my blood type because she wanted to find out whose baby it was!

Why are you still making babies if you are an illegal worker facing some legal troubles and scared of deportation?

When you become more mature, you will understand this. But after getting divorced, most people get remarried. It’s a common occurence in the western world and in other places.

But I think that I can give you a good example so that you can relate. Most young people are having sex. They are not controlling themselves and being responsible for their actions. Yes, they are scared of AIDS and all of the other sexually transmitted diseases, but they still have sex. There is nothing 100% safe in this world and they take of risk(a very big risk) of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

Are they scared? Absolutely

Are they still having sex? Absolutely

Some of them even know they have a sexually transmitted disease and are still having sex. (Chocolate!)