Childcare options for 1.5 yr old in Taipei?

Trying to research childcare options for our 1.5 yr old son, but most of the information/forum posts I’ve found appears outdated or are geared toward older children who are in school. We are relocating to Taipei from San Francisco in April. I’d like to understand childcare options.

I will be staying at home with our son while my spouse works, however I’d like to explore part-time care or activities for kids under two years old so my son can interact with other children.

Does anyone have a recommendation for part-time programs for infants in Taipei? Daycare, community centers, activities, etc etc? Even something I could attend with my child would be great.

Also, how does one go about finding a part-time nanny or babysitter? Are there agencies that we could work with?

As for childcare center(托嬰中心), this is the list in Chinese. They may provide half-day care. (Edit:they are not English oriented, though there might be someone who speak some English.)

Every district has a play center (親子館) for parents and kids of age 0~6 or 8 yr.

Iirc, there is a playgroup of foreign families with young kids.


This site seems to have lots of information that you need.

A Toddler in Taipei: Explore Taiwan with Kids

"6.) Taipei City Playgroup

This is an English-speaking playgroup where parents can attend and post outings, share information, and connect. If you’re interested in joining, it’s a secret FB group, but send me an email and I can help you get setup! "

If you contact with the site owner, and then parents with toddlers, they must have more information.

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I moved to Taichung a few months ago due to a company transfer. I researched daycare schools many months in advance since my wife and I had a 1 year old son during the move. We would both be working, so needed a daycare. (Coming from a Montessori school in LA).

We chose Jian Sheng edu co. ltd in Taichung. I believe they have several locations throughout Taiwan, and assuming there is one in Taipei. So far, it has been 4 months and he loves it. Overall, it’s more “buttoned-up” than the expensive Montessori school he was enrolled at in California. (1/3 the cost also).

I cannot find their website offhand, but if you google that school I’m sure they have a Taipei location. At least for the Taichung location, I would highly recommend them.

Best of luck!

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We are moving to Taipei this summer and would love to join the playgroup you’ve mentioned.

the link is dead. Currently working one is here.



If at least one parent is taiwanese,

For someone’s info (in chinese)

You will find 臺中市托嬰中心名冊.pdf

You will find 私立托嬰中心名冊暨收費標準一覽表


Do you have the links for New Taipei?

here are names of daycare centers and links to info of each daycare center.

It seems the link doesn’t work as I intended.
You may choose 網頁導覽 from the upper left pull down menu, then 全區列表 under 托育服務.

Here it is. Lists of private and public daycares with their evaluation.



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