Childhood Dreams

Did you have a dream or plan as a child that you can look back upon now and laugh about?

Here’s mine:

I remember collecting Transformer toys as a child. I was one of those kids who could tell you the statistics from the back of the toy box (you were supposed to put a red transparent film over it to read them, but you could make out the line without it) of every Transformer from the original Optimus Prime up to the Targetmasters. I could even mimic the voices of Megatron, Jazz, Soundwave, and Grimlock.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. But for me it wasn’t just play. It was research.

My plan was to grow up, get an advanced degree in robotics, invent a new crystal based power cell (inspired by the cartoon, Voltron), and then invent the Transformers. I had ideas to use compressed air valves to make the vehicles transform. And I planned to make the Decepticons good like the Autobots. But they’d be more likely to disobey my order not to blow up the guy who mouthed off to me and would need to be reprimanded from time to time…

Naturally this would lead to me ruling the world, benevolently, of course. But the coolest thing would be when I told someone I would make them move their car or something, then they say, “you and what army”, after which all the vehicles in the vicinity would transform and point their huge guns at the fool.

Of course, now I realize how silly that all is. Air compression valves could never give me the effect I want.