Children Are Us Foundation and Other Charities

As i polish off a bag of orange flavored wedding biscuits, i look at the tin box and it says “children are us bakery.”. I got curious and googled it and CAU foundation is a charity for persons with disabilities which has bakeries and restaurants all over taiwan. Im eating some delicious wedding biscuits so they have bakeries. Does anyone know where their regularbakeries are, and what they sell? How about their restaurants? Has anyone been to any?

Here is someinfo from wiki:

I think its terrific and would love to check out their actual storefronts.

Our school buys all the lunchboxes they give out at events from them. They have sandwiches and cakes inside. The sandwiches are pretty good. I think it’s really nice a public school goes to the effort to support organisations like this.

The English version only lists phone numbers, so here are the Chinese links to their locations in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Hsinchu.