Children's books in French

Any bookshops around here that sell children’s books in French?

NOt sure about bookstores, but the library has a pretty good selection.

Once upon a time fnac had small stocks of French books, but I’m digging way back in the memory banks for that - still, if nothing else comes up, it may be worth a shot.

Check out the non-English foreign bookstore on Xinhai Rd near Roosevelt. They carry mostly travel guides/books, and I seem to recall children’s books as well. It’s on the south side of Xinhai about 200 meters from Roosevelt (where the road becomes elevated).

Went there. They said they have nothing in French.

Here’s one: … olling=yes

I think this is the store Indiana mentions:

Thanks, I’ll go check this one out.

[quote=“Tempo Gain”]Here’s one: … olling=yes[/quote]

Thanks, I’ll stop by this place some time.

The Caves in Kaohsiung has a growing selection of foreign language books especially graded readers.

The public library on Chienguo South Road next to Da-an Park in Taipei has a large international children’s library in B2. There are books from children’s libraries around the world there - I recall seeing books in German, Russian, and Japanese. I’d be surprised if there weren’t any in French

You gotta return them after you borrow them :slight_smile:

For some languages, it’s better to wait until you go to Europe and buy them there, or ask the family to send some. My parents have already sent me three packages this year, and in every one of them there were at least two books for my daughter. You know, Catalan is quite a difficult language to find here in Taiwan, the same as other roman languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian).