Chili's Grill & Bar

Has anyone tried the Chili’s that just opened next to Warner Village? As far as I’m concerned Chili’s was just about the worst tex-mex style restaurant in the US. So I’m wondering why (oh why?) it was brought to Taiwan (oh why couldn’t it have been Baja Fresh instead??).

So my question is, does it suck as badly here as it does in the States?

In a word, yes. Over-priced, no lunch menu, and bland food. How did they get the name Chili’s? Service is a bit awkward, too, but maybe it’s because they just opened. Also, the waiter was trying VERY hard to speak good English with me (even though I ordered in Chinese), so I guess you can’t fault that. Still I won’t go back, unless someone else is picking up the tab. :sunglasses:

Does anybody know the exact location of Chili’s Grill and Bar?

Please provide details. Thanks.

Its on the second floor of the new mall complex right next to Warner Village. It is absolutely AWFUL, though. Bland, non-spicy, boring food, terrible service, expensive.

I had a good dining experience at Chili’s yesterday. My friend and I ordered a side Caesar salad and the chicken Fajita Pita and Steak Fajita Pita sandwiches, respectively. Well, the waiter misunderstood and brought us Fajita dinners. We didn’t even notice because we were engaged in conversation and the food was appetizing - big portions and fresh ingredients. The bill came, and it was considerably more than I had anticipated. I sought out the waiter, he discovered his error (we had pointed at the pitas on the menu, also, so it wasn’t a communication problem), and apologized. I grumbled and went back to my seat, figuring I’d have to pay the difference. Well, the waiter then went to the General Manager, fessed up that he’d screwed up our order and the GM, an American guy called David Ko, only charged us for what we had actually ordered. I thought that was pretty cool, considering that we didn’t catch the mistake when the food was brought to us, but only after we had eaten all of it! Nice recovery on their part, a touch which I wouldn’t normally expect from a locally run establishment.

One thing, though, the food does not live up to the restaurant’s name. I haven’t eaten anything even remotely spicy there. Even the Caesar’s garlic flavour was pretty subdued. I wish they could give it more of a “kick”.

BTW, their exact location is Songshou Road, #22, 2nd Floor, Taipei. Their telephone number is 2345-8838.

Food and Service in Chilis is terrible give it a miss

We’ve never been to Chili’s here, but we used to go a lot in the USA. If you’ve had Chili’s in the USA, then you’ll know, you won’t find hot or spicy food there at all. But the food and service is quite good. It’s just another TGIF, basically (except without the funny dressed employees).

Chili’s will be opening in Tienmu in January 2005. I welcome this news. The address is 200 Zhongcheng road section 2, which I assume is by the new Warner Village. Cheeseburger cheesburger come to me.

You guys don’t get it. Chili’s’s target customer lives in American red states. S/he is a person for whom the flavor characteristic “sweet,” along with “bland,” is tops; “savory” is suspect; and “spicy” is synomymous with “bad” or, less pejoratively, “pain.” :laughing:

Good god, if you’re a typical mid-westerner you don’t order spicy food unless the joint also sells bottomless glasses of pop (soda, Coke, Pepsi, etc.) to salve the tongue.

The fun comes from the name, not the flavor. For the target customer, Chili’s is a restaurant one goes to when one wishes to tell others about one’s visit to the edge. It is not for those foolish enough to want to live there.

I can’t imagine it being successful in Asia. Unless my relatives come visit. :laughing:

A pretty good job of mocking it, and Friday’s was done in “Office Space” as I recall.

Does anybody know when the new Chili’s in TienMu will open ?

I’m surprised that so many people have said the service is lousy. We’ve always had excellent service there and we only go about once every couple of months. Sometimes we get the same wait staff/manager and they always act like they remember us. My husband and I have waited tables ourselves so we know good vs bad service. :s

As for the food, we enjoy it. Large portions, the prices aren’t bad. Much better than Fridays, IMO.

It’s open now. On the second floor in the same building as the Warner Village Cinema.

While I agree that Chili’s is NOT mexican food and a touch bland, the Chili’s here is EXACTLY the same as the Chili’s in the US. Except that you don’t get free chips and salsa. And the salsa is not at all spicy.
HOWEVER, The service I had there was the best service I have had in a LONG time. Great attitude, very good service.
The food tastes exactly the same here as it does in the states. Which isn’t awesome, but not bad at all.
And here is a plus: The salad actually had GREEN spinach lettuce and not that nasty ass icebeg shit.

I think that if you like the flavor of typical american chains, this is pretty good. If you don’t, you won’t like it.
Also is very pricy:
Southwest eggrolls: 260
Chicken Fajita Pita: 320
Coke: 110
Chips and salsa: 200
(how’s that for a mixed review)

Also, I have to add that some guy (likely the floor manager) came by to check on us several times. Which is a good thing in my book.

I believe they have free chips and salsa during happy hour. :sunglasses:

Must be an American thang cuz Chili’s in Ohio was shitty. Chili’s in Taiwan is shitty. I don’t know man, grease and deep fried and high fat content doesn’t taste good. Like I said, must be an American obsession. :wink:

I didn’t say it was great. It wasn’t as good as say… citizen cain… but it was AS GOOD as the one in the US (fyi, I don’t go in the US) and the service was wonderful.

SO :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, SuchAFob. My post was more talking to myself but I feel compelled for the readers of the Restaurant Forum to understand that if they ever take me on a date, please not to Chili’s.

In Taiwan, I really feel the diversity of food is limited. North American food is not freakin deep fried lard, buns with half a cow in the middle, or deep fried calamari with not tzatziki sauce but freakin tarMYASStar sauce. However, when you crave some “western” food, places like Chili’s will have to do. Doesn’t mean I rike it though. I just have no other choice.

Why is the first letter of my second paragraph not capitalized?

Chili’s serves a mean cobb salad. It’s damn good. Their bottomless chips and salsa aren’t bad either. Plus they give free refills on Coke and I always get great service there. Oh, it’s also one of the only places in Taiwan where you can a good margarita. I rike Chili’s. :slight_smile:

I think we just got good service cuz my date was hot.