Chillaxin' Beginners Course - this week only at Lotus Hill

[quote=“smithsgj”]The Lotus Hill outdoor pool is now open! 9am-9pm every day. Admission is free to residents (and their guests, presumably, since there’s no check when you go in).


If anyone wanted to organize another “chillaxin” session, with no admission fees, the moment would be: soon.

Entrance is via the back gate only: the Club buildings are still closed. There is a toilet and changing block – it used to be squalid, but has apparently been renovated, though I didn’t go in to check.[/quote]

Right. I’m going to be chillaxin’t tomorrow from noonish to 4:00 pm, and then again on Thursday and Friday. Anyone care to join?

Tomorrow it’s just me and PG171. I’m bringing a cooler. :sunglasses:

I’m bringing some beer to put in Maoman’s cooler, and a few munchies. You’re all welcome to join to celebrate me being able to see my son again after one year !

Forgot to say, will be there around 13:00 :slight_smile:

Was going to go in to work tomorrow, reconsidering.

I’ve been informed that pgdaddy is going to be there at 11:00. And since he has the beer, that means I will be too. The rest of yinz all have a fine day! :sunglasses:

Yikes. I’ve only just had breakfast!

BigJohn and I will be poolside in our budgie smugglers tomorrow. You’re all welcome to come ogle.

Seriously, though, the pool is free and has been practically empty all week, except for me and some other Lotus Hill farriners. Give me a call if you want to call in sick and spend the day productively drinking whilst getting a tan.

Maoman’s your son? Oh, a father-son reunion! It’s so touching!

Ha ha … as long as I don’t need to pay him child support … just the odd beer is OK :slight_smile:

The pool was almost empty today- excellent. My other half tells me that it’s because ghost month has started, so many parents are scared of their kids going in the water. True ?