Chillaxing @Lotus Hill 7/9 @ 2:00 - Drinks & Swimming

Original Title: Summertime and the livin’ is easy.

[color=#BF0000]Update: Ok, so a bit of a bump here. July 9, from two-ish onwards I will be poolside with a cold beer at easy reach. You’re welcome to join me. There are plenty of shady places, both on the deck and in the pool itself. Beer can be gotten cold and cheap at an on-site convenience store, and food is available at a few small eateries as well. Swim caps are required, but speedos are optional. The best way to get here is to take the MRT to Donghu Station on the new line, and then take a short taxi ride to Lotus Hill. (Shui Lian Shan Zhuang). When you get to security, they’ll want to know who you’re visiting. Tell them you’re meeting me (Anthony van Dyck). My internal extension is 27063 and my cell number is 0935-560-995. Usually they’re pretty good at letting foreigners in without too much hassle.

Who’s coming? Well, me and the wife and kid, and Mr. and Mrs. urodacus. I’m not really expecting that many people to show up because it IS the middle of the week, but if you feel like calling in sick and chillaxing with us, you’re more than welcome![/color]

Now that work has all but stopped for a month, I find myself spending lots of time at the pool. As you can see, it’s pretty gorgeous, and during the week, there really aren’t many people there. Today I was the only one! I ws listening to music, drinking beer and enjoying the sunshine, wondering why there weren’t more people enjoying the pool. Which got me thinking - Is there any interest in a Forumosa pool party? With the new MRT, transportation is a lot easier - MRT to Donghu, and then a short taxi ride to Lotus Hill. The cost of a ticket ($300 for non-members) is off-set by the fact that the beer (available at the on-site convenience store is cheap. Anyway, if you’re interested, let me know. The pool is open every day until 11. If there’s enough interest, I’ll organize it.

yeah…I remember the last time you had us over…

Me too. I’m still a bit sore down there. That was NO accident, Maoman!
Me and the sprog and the old lady would probably be in for a day at the Lotus Blossom pool, as long as there’s plenty of Michael Jackson on the stereo.

thats an amazing pool

… where is donghu anyways?!

[quote=“itakitez”]thats an amazing pool

… where is Donghu anyways?![/quote]

It’s on the new MRT line, fairly close to Lotus Hill.

That pool sure looks like THE PLACE for THE PARTY. Sure beats my experience today at my pool at my apt complex here in the east bay . First off its a tiny pool of bout 15 x 30 feet. And then this afternoon when I wanted to do a bit of a swim, there were three latino/american boys of bout 11 years old ish playing in the pool. Mother and father watching from the sidelines. The boys were very rambunctious and occupied all of the pool , preventing me from getting in. Then they started to spit all around the side of the pool. Then to top it all off, one kid came out of the water and stood near the deep end and just took a leak right there. His brother yelled at him and his mom to see what his bro did. The stupid kid denied it and jumped right back into the pool. The brother told his mom that he saw yellow liquid running down his legs. The stupid fat little bugger just peed right into his pants and let the piss trickle down his shorts and then dove into the pool. Then all three proceeded to play on as usual. Soon joined by their dad.

I meantime, decided enough was enough. First the day before two bulldogs jumped into the pool (after I observed one of them had just taken a dump on the grass nearby and then promptly jumped into the pool).

I think I shall just suntan at that place from now on. Im sure nobody bothered to take a shower before going in ( i KNOW the bulldogs didnt) ? And now i can see why bother? Just be sure to visit the sanitation department for a chemical wash after you get out !!

Ok, nevermind , back to YOUR PARTY.

I dont have high class neighbors I am beginning to realize.

That IS strange! Usually I do that while in the water so fewer people can see.

That IS strange! Usually I do that while in the water so fewer people can see.[/quote]

YES of course, he was actually being civil by actually getting out of the pool while doing that. And i do wonder how many kids actually do pee in the pool??

I want to swim with Gustov.

I’m up for a pool party as long as:

  1. It’s at night
  2. I can sit in the shade
  3. I don’t have to take any of my clothes off
  4. I don’t have to swim (including involuntarily)
  5. The air conditioner is set at 18C
  6. The fridge walks to me, rather than vice versa (or Almas John can just hurl beers at me)

No doubt.
I only go swimming at night, or the very early morning. Especially this week with the soaring UV index.

OK, we’ll bite. Not much work, now that I’ve quit and am counting down the days. Same for Mrs. urodacus.

All right, it’s probably going to be this Sunday, three-ish. Stay tuned for details.

Huh? Don’t see anyone down by the pool…

Sorry, I should have updated. Bad weather forecast stalled my plans. Looks nice now though. I’m going back to the pool!

Don’t worry, we’ll still make this happen someday.

Here’s my holiday view:

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]Here’s my holiday view:


Looks like it has good parking facilities.

Ok, we’re tentative for Thursday, around two o’clock. Mr. & Mrs urodacus will be in attendance.

Aargh! You lucky summer vacation beach bums!
Would love to meet Ms Urodacus and see Ms Maowoman again, but finish werk at 7PM on Thursday. Aaargh! :fume:

I still have time to get a bikini wax.