China - a discontented nation?

Just picked this story up off the wires.

Things look a bit leery in Lanzhou, a city in north-west China.

I watched the anti-Japan protests in my city (Xiamen), and there were people there that seemed to be there for no other reason than to vent at their frustrated lives.

Herewith the link: … in-luzhou/

The nation, as a whole, and from what I see, are well-controlled, but I do pick up on stories like this fairly regularly (without looking too hard). China - tricky country to manage. Downright difficult for some.

There’s obviously a large amount of people who do not like the authorities and are usually not given any way to vent their feelings about it or do anything about it. And as you say when I visit some cities a lot of the people I deal with don’t seem to be particularly happy, especially taxi drivers!