China bans hip hop culture


China has been moving this way for a while. They don’t allow hip hop and rap artists to come and perform and MC hot dog from Taiwan was also banned for independence sentiments.

I wonder how this will work out, hip hop has always been counter culture, anti authoritarian by nature before it became more mainstream and digestible for the average person. Will this give artists more power in China?


I wish they would ban those song-and-dance shows.


it depends on how many of them will be sent to current year gulags.


Jailing rappers just gives them new material for their next album.


Meanwhile “If you are the one” has full state approval…


NK x 100!



Lol these groups are the opposite of what hip hop culture is about. The root of hip hop is always anti social and rebellious and often very critical of social issues. I guess maybe young Chinese will rep their hood with the this is China song.




It’s about as rebellious as I am, only they make more money from product endorsements. I think the Chinese Communist Party are making a mistake as they could easily incorporate hip hop into their values. They could learn a few tricks from North Korea.


I found the this is China song. Of course they dropped a line about taiwan