China buying FB fan pages and Internet celebs

Recently many Facebook fan page owners have reported that they were contacted by people seemingly connected to China offering to purchase their fan page. Often these fan pages are pro TI, but in many cases they were apolitical, many are Anime related, with a younger target audience.

Depending on the popularity of the page, owners are offered from upwards to NTD 1,000,000 to at least NTD 5,000. Sources point out that this has been going on since 2016, but this year brings a new level of intensity.

The KMT legislators are busy redirecting blame to the DPP, claiming that it’s the DPP buying these fan pages in attempt to drum up fear for China before the election.

How many users do we have on the forum? If all of us opened a FB page and everyone else started to follow it, maybe we could lure some of those sweet chinese shekels into our wallets while at the same time scamming the communists…

I like this bit:

DPP:“China is a danger to our democracy!”
KMT:“N…no, don’t say that! China is ok!”

What did the KMT mean by this? Really activates my almonds.

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The KMT seems to be becoming a local arm of the CCP.

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It’s almost insane the KMT is still so popular.

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…and Han Guo Yu definitely seemed popular down South , loads of vendors had his ‘mug’ on their stand . Now they could also be die hard KMTers but genuinely does seem to have a lot of support. They obviously like that he is going behind the govts back stitching up deals of some kind.