China clearing out "low-end" population from cities

The so called “low-end population (低端人口)” basically refers to migrant workers in major cities. There are several theories floating about on why China is doing this now, but the end result is that “low end population” are being rounded up and treated like Jewish people in NAZI Germany.

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Wow. I feel like China is moving in a more and more extreme direction.

I guess this is more of that “Socialism with Chinese characteristics.” Sad, but not really surprising.

Isn’t that a tradition in communist/nazi countries? Be it the jews (for both!), an ethnicity, a particular class of people considered to be “problematic” etc etc etc…I mean, plenty of examples like this one in nazi Germany, Commie USSR, Mao China etc etc. Not too surprised to see this happening in current year’s China.

authorities have responded by deleting social media posts and taking down a link allowing people to volunteer their services.


I mean it’s not like they haven’t done this kind of thing before. They already treat ethic minority poorly dispite what they claim. Look at Tibet, Hong Kong’s about to have some issues with them going forward from what I predict. The anti CCP sentiment has grown deep in HK more and more to extremes.


Think that article should be taken with a very large shovel of salt. In Beijing authorities have cracked down heavily on “shared” apartment buildings, apartments which have been illegally subdivided to hovels, after 19 people died in a fire in one. This has led to a lot of people with no where to stay. A number of individuals who tried to convert empty shops and warehouses into temporary accommodation were also shut down as they had no license, proper fire escapes, toilets etc.

A similar incident in Zhonghe recently is also supposed to be leading to crack downs on these types of apartments

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Except the scale in China is Much larger and they are far more harsh. Not equivalent to Taiwan.

I also heard they are trying to get rid of ‘low grade foreigners’, whatever that means.

Anyways this kind of mass management of people is fairly common in China, no human rights.


yea foriegners are getting ranked now apparently. i think normal citizens might be getting some sort of ranking too. miserable.

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China often mask their true intentions on targeting certain groups like Uighurs with laws and crack downs that would directly allow them to target them without saying so. For example the anti terrorist laws they have pretty much allows them to target Uighurs.

Reports on what is actually happening is even harder to get to not just because of state control media, also due to tightly controlled foreign media reporting now as well as any social media sensorship that blocks ordinary citizens from reporting what’s happening.

It also seems china is going to implement a communist party “trust score” based on political leanings, purchase history, etc. you see why I always advise against tech firms like xiaomi that will pass on data they collect to the party. Data collecting and selling to private firms is nothing new, but scary when given to the government. China moves to 'rate' its 1.3 billion citizens

Xi is becoming more powerful, and pretty much is now the most powerful tyrant in the world. Even in his party he has now rid of his opposition and anyone not in line with him. No one can touch him now. However oddly enough, he really isn’t that outspoken about taiwan. Seems like he knows solidifying his power, building more economic stability and growth and strengthening the military and China’s role in the world stage would be more useful to take taiwan vs actual hostility.


Just FYI we have a thread about that.


Forced gentrification. They’re doing it in San Francisco, too.

Under pure capitalism, some of them would be allowed to stay. Only the useful ones, though.

It’s all about power. Always has been, always will be. “Human rights” and “dignity” are just words. Word phrases. Whatever.

Ha, communism … everybody equal! :rofl:

Is this the start of Rowland’s secret love affair with Red China? :astonished:

(You could add London, Vancouver, Sydney and a whole pile of other western cities fwiw.)

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New Taipei City is getting with it for December, the scandal! What about their human rights to be incinerated in a cheap illegal dwelling!?

They are doing it but in a reasonable manner.
One very nice thing about Taiwan!

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He said that in order to stop unscrupulous landlords from constructing illegal constructions and partitioning them to make a profit from renting them out, the city had launched a special investigation in 2015, which has so far uncovered 930 cases, of which 725 have been torn down.

Chen noted that there was an extreme case of a two story building which had an additional four levels added to it. The four floors had partitions that totaled up to 158 units, Chen said.

That case took up a lot of manpower and wasted much public resources to tear down, Chen added.

There are still 205 cases pending, which are scheduled to be demolished, and notices have been sent to the owners to resolve the issue, Chen said.

Is there a phoen number one can call to, ehem, assist? Just asking.


Do you mean a phone number of New Taipei city’s Public Works Department? If so, the below.

Thank you Satan, I mean, Tando.

Honestly, i sued to live in one of those partitions. Mine wasn’t as dangerous as I was on the top floor, in case of emergency I could open teh window and jump, but seriosuly, there are so many of those that are a fire hazard for yourself and others.

many people think that thes eplaces harbor the poorest but there are foreign students, office workers, public servants -one among tehkilled in te big fire was a police officer, for Pete’s sake, he just sent most of his money down South to his family and lived frugally. Families, people with children. Many dismiss it and say it is only SEA workers, but it affects all. They must revise living conditions minimum. I’d love to turn the popo on a few hosueholds that keep their SEA workers ina shed, if it wasn’[t going to make things worse for them. Law ain’t helping if peopel are not safe.