China clearing out "low-end" population from cities


He will have another four years.

Taiwan is a consensus driven place they seem to need a solid majority for almost anything to do here. Disaster driven policies seems to be the game…Ie fire, earthquake, epidemic…Then you get some support.

Before they rip down all the structures they also need to think about ‘where are these mostly poor people going to live?’

Now I have lived in a rooftop fairly happily for many years they aren’t a bad option to live for many they just look like crap and a safety hazard.


sounds epic. we’ll have to wait and see what happens though of course. what are they going to do about the roofs though? a lot of buildings have sheet metal roofs just to keep the rain off. theres one outside my bedroom. everytime it rains the sound of it is 200 times more depressing than it was before they put it there.


Maybe the roofs will end up with solar panels as there are subsidies available now.

I still don’t know where everybody is going to live if they tear them down. So I think the process could take years.


maybe force the landlords to build proper non shoddy sheet metal houses and rehome them?


Yeah if they turned them into decent rooftop apartments (as long as structurally sound) might be a win win.


I’d like to see some rooftop community gardens


The idea is to tear down the crumbling gong su and replace them with larger, modern buildings where you can fit more people SAFELY in the same space. Hopefully with room to spare for a park or common area.


I’m not making fun of your pinyin (this time :smile:), just curious: is that 公宿 or a typo for gongyu 公寓?


Typo typo.

What is a gong su?


No idea! :slight_smile:


i was just thinking why don’t they have proper drainage on the roofs here? my buildings has a standard box shape, with walls so the water collected like a basin and flooded when it was coming down hard. it also leaked a tiny bit into my flat. what they did to combat this was build those nasty sheet metal roofs on both sides, and also incase the whole building in sheet metal. wouldn’t some drainage have solved the problem more efficiently, cost less, looked less horrific and take away the noise pollution it is now causing me?


You’ve put in more thought than the builder did.


Every design decision is made for a reason. Sometimes the reason is stupid, but there’s always a reason.


Maybe he thought he was designing a poor mans rooftop swimming pool.


The Taoyuan Construction Management Office told the media that the factory, operated by Sican Co., LTD. (矽卡有限公司), had been previously inspected and was deemed a legal structure, however the worker dormitory that caught fire today appears to be an illegal structure, though a more thorough investigation is still required to confirm this.


A great piece from Reuters:


Its happening in many places though, on different scales. In Dublin Heavy set Gardai in Balaclavas waving batons recently showed up to forcefully evict squatters, in a city with thousands of homeless, and thousands of empty properties and soaring rents that people cannot afford.


Half the housing list in Ireland are foreigners without a job or on social welfare I wouldn’t worry about them too much.


So its Ok for the Guards to do that?


I dont think so, but I’m not particularly worried about homeless people in Ireland they can move to other cities or counties where this is accommodation and about half are foreigners, including many who have recently arrived into the country.