China clearing out "low-end" population from cities


Kaohsiung just went in at 6am and destroyed people’s homes. Saw on TV but can’t find news report.


That’s a weak answer. A person in a Chinese city could say the same thing more or less. Sounds to me like you are using double standards there. Not that long ago since Irish were living like that in London and other cities. Migrant workers in China should have certain rights, but in Dublin they shouldn’t?


Lots of my family worked in the UK over the years , paid
taxes never took a cent in social welfare there.

A lot of this homeless crisis is playing the system trying to jump the queue on the housing list.

This woman was offered accommodation but she turned it down as she wants to be declared homeless to get a ‘free house’ (secure tenancy my ass you basically own the house forever what a deal…Meanwhile another chump has to pay 300k or 400k mortgage for it!)


I was looking at that article earlier today as it happens. What you say kinda sounds like a local radio type of explanation though. Blame it on the migrants and the dole scroungers. Kinda of a Brexiter type of logic to my ear.

Also still wondering why its only a human rights issue when Chinese do it. (Not saying that its not a human rights issue, just wondering why only about human rights when its in China)


There’s a huge number of non nationals on housing lists in Ireland…It’s not talked about cos …‘racist’.
But they learn it from the locals.
I grew up there with these people, like Finley I know how it works.


You are using a double standard though. One moral standard for Ireland and another for China.


What did I say about China ?
Why should foreigners recently arrived in any country get a free house or social welfare ?
Why should anybody get a free house for that matter?

Support yes, but don’t encourage them to be unemployed and ‘choose’ to be homeless in many cases like the Irishwoman in that article (there are many Roma, east Europeans etc doing the same but they won’t put their names in it as there is less sympathy for them…).

At least 33% on the social housing list and 42% of the ‘homeless’ are actually foreigners.

I think foreigners in Taiwan should be treated equally but they have to work for it, no free handouts before making a contribution .


I took the implication that meant that the eviction of the people in the article is a human rights issue. And I’m not saying that it isn’t. But is it only a human rights issue when it happens in China?

Also I get an impression that belonger v non-belonger categories are OK in Dublin, but perhaps not in Chinese cities?


Ireland is one of the most generous and equitable countries in the whole world to foreigners , it’s really not a good reference point to be comparing China to.

It’s more interesting to compare the treatment of foreigners in Taiwan and China, but in general there are precious little human rights extended to anybody, citizen or non citizen alike, in China.


Really? Not in my personal experience. I’ve never had trouble traveling to China, but have had systematic frustrations going to the UK and Ireland. Non EU citizens are treated with systematic prejudice.


Ireland was (don’t know if still I’d) with that stuff. Met s guy while traveling in Thailand about eight years from Italy who worked in Ireland through the Celtic tiger years as a waiter. Said he got made unemployed and was receiving dole money from Irish government while back in Italy


He was probably flying back every month to sign on, they stopped that now though as they track the flights in and out.


whats @finley got to do, got do with it?

And how come I am only noticing the hair now?


dat hair. I’d forgotten how f’ing weird the 80s was.

I think Brianjones is referring to my comment about growing up on a council estate.


Life as a non national with no hukou, in clonakilty, thats rough