China Economic Data

Can’t meet economic goals? no problem, we will imagine the economy was growing faster for the past 5 years.


How long can they keep this up?

Debt is climbing. Growth is slowing down. Don’t get me started on their ridiculous housing bubble used to inflate GDP.

And all in the same time they want to be a super power? I’m not sure China’s economy can shoulder that for decades when you see the cost of being a super power the US spends. I’m not sure the US can sustain that either.

I know people have predicted the collapse of China for a while now and they keep going. But I’m not sure if they can keep faking it until they make it.

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Who knows. It will fall apart eventually, the only questions are 1) when, and 2) how messy will it be.

And I guess the 3rd question is when it does fall apart, will the Chinese people’s feelings be hurt enough to turn on their beloved Xi Dada? Actually I guess that’s the most important question of all.

CNN will believe it while saying it’s all doom and gloom for the US and UK :rofl:


They can’t afford to invade Taiwan now anyway. If they try that will hurt their economy more than it can sustain. Not long now and Pooh Bear will be out and the people free.

china will keep printing RMB for as long as they need.

As people in the know say, 人民幣就是紙,美元是錢

I’m surprised anyone takes that currency anymore best to ditch it for US of A green gold, and GBP.

There is no chance of people buying reserves in RMB. Even third world despots want the greenback

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Even the Chinese gov knows with all the gold they’re buying.

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Yeah, it will collapse soon. Heck, I’ve been hearing that Sweden will collapse any day now because of socialism and loose morals, for the last 50 years. Ronnie Reagan predicted medicare would cause the destruction of America on a record back in 1961.
Anyone who thinks China is on the verge of collapse has let their wishful thinking take over from their sense

This anonymous online pundit wishfully thinks that Chinese economy will face a hard landing in the near future. The reasoning not being debt, housing bubble or other usual suspects. I think it will fail because, for the first time since Mao, China has put ideology above economy. They seem hell bent on feeding nationalism and that will be their undoing imo.

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Wow, you are generous. I’d say they just make crap up.

I heard a talk by this good-looking half-Japanese economist at Berkeley say that their GDP is overestimated by 12%. Can’t find it now.

Actually, here she is:

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