China forced evictions (Shanghai)

I notice 15 more families have been thrown out of their homes in Shanghai by a group of thugs employed by the government. Particularly nasty one, with the families (including young girls) being beaten, stripped, and hog-tied together then thrown into trucks and transported to the sticks. Let’s say “a friend of a friend” saw the people lying down in the middle of the road in Shanghai, beaten and naked, just before they were carted away. Two of the girls, apparently, were raped. Their houses were destroyed, together with their clothes and all their possessions. This person took photographs and posted them on an internet site, and of course, they were gone in 2 hours. A very foolish or brave thing to do. The person noted several foreigners were clicking away, but then the PSB came over and had a word with them. Not sure when - in the last few weeks I would imagine, certainly since the last phone contact with this person a month ago.

Now I know this person very well, but I would like more details. I’ve checked HRW and HRiC, but no photos. Does anyone know of any other website (any language) setting out details of the eviction programmes, with dates names and photos? This sort of thing will of course increase as the preparations for the Olympics continue. Especially interested in the use of hired thugs, which seems to be increasing, but is of course no new phenomenon.

Interesting to note the condemnation of Mugabe and the total silence on the same thing in China. This is Shanghai fercrissakes (we already know about the Beijing events).

Bit of a contrast with when they biult the Yan’an overpass in Shanghai, when people were offered new housing (miles away in Pudong of course). These people have been turfed out after 50 years, as they did not buy land use rights (because there weren’t any in the 1950s!)

I wish I could help in some way. If anyone gets pics I can host them on my website (American based), and I’m not in China, so I have some sense of safety. Besides, the more hosts there are of such pictures, the safer each of us can be.

However, I wonder if these thugs really were govt sponsered, or part of some underworld thing. Otherwise it’s bizare that this’d happen, especially when China is getting to be more and more in the spot light. It’d be foolish of them to do such things.

I’m still looking. In China the government IS the underworld. Always has been, always will be.

Meanwhile, AID/HIV sufferers are being forced out of every place they try to live here in Taipei, with no assistance from the government.