China ignores and threatens Taiwan's autonomy: what can we do?


A lot of voters in the countryside sell their votes.
I personally think they are complete idiots as said politicians load their counties with debt and have to cut social welfare.


China wouldn’t make money transfers to taiwanse, ffs. China could give Taiwanese some subsidies and of course do some heeavy investment on some areas they would also benefit from.


A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.

At the same time, every time “Taiwan” is named and represented (say on things as banal as weather maps or on an airline website) it gains solidity as an actual thing. Keep insisting that people call Taiwan “Taiwan.”



of course,. What’s your point ?

I a not talking of social security deposits in cash on Taiwanese accounts, im talking of transfers of wealth to the Taiwanese to vote “yes” on the ballot to be annexed.

I think the sum required would be politically unfeasible in china due to the reasons I mentioned.

Just to add to the above thought, the sums involved would actually need to be a bit transparent to make a difference, the Taiwanese would need to feel they actually are getting something to “vote yes”. If they Taiwanese get it, the chinese will also get it that its a handout.



Write to Luftansa to complain. Tell them that China continues to threaten Taiwan with its military. Tell them the PRC has not ruled Taiwan for one minute since its founding in 1949. Tell them Taiwan has a separate government, visa system, customs office, currency, and country code. Tell them to say no to Chinese imperialism and its threats to an independent democratic state.



Don’t fly LH. These muppets made a commercial, advertising a trip to moscow. Which was shot in kiev. I guess it’s general stupidity in this company. Or they want to see how much people they can piss off in the shortest time possible.


That they would be more than ready… if they wanted.


Air Canada is the same, already up on their site. Quantas announced they would be following too. There are others but I forgot which ones.

I wonder if EVA and China Airlines were requested to follow this as well. So far they haven’t.


OK, so we all should write Lufthansa telling them we refuse to take any flight with them as long as they follow the Chinese game.


There’s only one thing to do:


Just wrote Lufthansa:
Proposed email’s title:
Taiwan wrongly listed as part of China by Lufthansa and subsequent boycott



The US should honestly just recognize Taiwan as a sovereign country. The one China policy just doesn’t work. What’s China going to do? Go to war with the US lol


Exactly: what is China going to do about countries ignoring their paranoia? I will tell you: just not bribe them. Because what these companies are doing is taking bribes from China. I say fuck them all.


Still waiting for green passport to remove the word “China” before requesting airlines to do the same…

I’m about as pro-Taiwan-independence as they come, but it has to start at home.


What can we do? Eat our stinky tofu and shrug our collective shoulders…


Lobby your home governments on Taiwan’s behalf.

Australia has been ticked at China and recently joined the US in condemning their bullying of private companies that want to list Taiwan as a separate entity. I think now’s a good time to ink a free trade agreement with Australia.

I’m currently contributing to get the USA to sign a free trade deal with Taiwan. When the US signs one, Japan will follow. That way Taiwan can be more competitive and less blackmailable.


And how are you doing it?


Ironically it would upset the PRC more if we do that vs saying ROC. It was already a major victory to put Taiwan on there. For so many reasons it almost impossible to change the ROC due to people before our time. Taiwan is stuck in the political limbo of being governed by the ROC


Then I guess we’re stuck with airlines putting: Taiwan, China for the same reason.

I actually like that China brings attention to how ridiculous this situation is. It’s too easy to just “not worry about it” when it’s not in your face regularly. One of my Taiwanese friend-of-a-friends, a college graduate, recently asked what 中華民國 means. Sad.