China ignores and threatens Taiwan's autonomy: what can we do?


Writing my legislator. Taiwan has an advocacy arm ( You can check with them on how to help.


OK. I might do the same. I mean, as a foreigner living here I am definitively affected by the lack of proper official relationship among my country and my now home, Taiwan.




I suddenly feel the need to make clear that I do not have any special sympathy for Taiwan’s government or even country. I do love the island and I think that its people deserve better. Better local politicians, better work conditions, better environment and a better / fair situation in the international politics game.


A vote can be bought for a lunchbox sometimes.


Or worse: they cvharge you made in taiwan prices, swear it is made in aiwan… and it is made, sometimes even shipped directly, from China. It never even went through Keelung or any port. they used to do transfers in the middle of the sea for this, now they do not even bother.


I am directly affected by my country of origin kowtowing and a** kissing to China.


OK, devil advocaat here: Taiwan is a province of the Republic of China. Officially this country is still the Republic of China. “Taiwan, China” is not wrong.

(note: I’m a dyed in the fur Taiwan independencer, I just happen to think Taiwan needs to take the lead in this and remove the C word from everywhere and everything in Taiwan)


Taiwan government can start by allowing fairness in dual citizenship before I would give a fig about writing local governments in their behalf.

That it’s made clear by government policies that we are not really wanted here makes me quite unsympathetic to the struggle.

Right now dollars matter most to me… show me a cheap plane fare and i’m off. Am I selfish and self centered… Yes, very


My wife was getting some toys recently . Asked could they be delivered on time were they in the warehouse here.
Yes was the reply, they were in their local warehouse.
Sons of bitches were just shipping from China direct and no they didn’t get here on time.
What is it with business people lying to yer face in Taiwan .

If you look at educational toys you will find a vast array of really interesting and creative stuff in China and really cheap. It’s quite amazing .

Then they have these 'kids robot courses ’ in Taiwan where they just import some and charge an arm and a leg to local parents. My wife got a bunch of them for next to nothing and just taught the kids herself (outsource parenting another topic ).

There is a bullshit rule in Taiwan about importing electronics of any sort including very simple toys with electrical components so they create the usual middleman bullshit here adding on double or triple the price.


Ok, picture this: you have to write an official reply to IATA or any foreign airline, in which the Republic of China (Taiwan) complains about their use of China refering to Taiwan as part of China in their website.

It is the kind of thing that freezes you in your step like a deer in headlights. How the heck do you write that in a way that makes sense?!

Also, remember that you are writing for a foreign audience that still thinks the Republic of China (Taiwan) pushes to be the sole ruler of all of China…including Mongolia.

Headache, headache… one misused word and you are fired but there is no official policy regarding this new predicament nor anything else to do except follow what has been done for 40 years which is what got us here to this conundrum in the first place…

Kill me please.


I’m now full time aggravating on this issue. I’m tired of hearing Taiwanese moan about this “unfair” treatment. Set your own house in order please before giving us grief on this. Death to the ROC.

Relinquish all claims to lands outside of Taiwan (the Mongolians will be dancing in the streets).
Remove every reference to China within Taiwan including renaming all the sinicized streets.
Haul that statue of CKS out of the CKS hall and replace it with a giant Hello Kitty.

If you can’t do this, don’t blame the rest of the world for lumping Taiwan in with China.

And again I know why this won’t happen and why it can’t happen but it needs to be said.


Not a bad point. Let the dual citizenship happen and people from other countries will care more.


This would just be replacing one cruel master with another.




eh you know the US does not allow that?


Ah that’s interesting. So Taiwan is not actually allowed to change it’s own designations?

Do you think they consult with the US over, for example, adding Taiwan to the passport cover?


they did.


I don’t think there are any significant amount of people that actually believe that Taiwan has claim over those territories. And like I said before, ironically China would get more upset and possibly wage war if we do get rid of the ROC and say become the republic of Taiwan under a new constitution. See the problem? We are stuck in a shitty limbo of a outdated constitution decided long ago by a dictator.