China ignores and threatens Taiwan's autonomy: what can we do?




thats me… but i use skyscanner and google flights…
great for cheapos


Response from Lufthansa:

Dear Mr. Masala,

Thank you for your email dated 5 June, 2018.

As a globally operating company, Lufthansa takes all general laws, regulations, local customs and practices of all our markets into consideration when designing online interfaces for our customers. This includes respecting the customs of our International clientele. In regards to your request - taking all these factors into consideration, we kindly ask for your understanding for our choice of wording on our websites.

While we regret that we have been unable to assist you any further in this matter we would like to thank you for your understanding. Indeed we look forward to having you on board a Lufthansa flight in the future.

Some Weird Name Here


Dear Lufthansa

The Great Chinese people.require a spittoon in every seat in order to clear their throat during flights.

It has come to our attention you do not supply a spittoon . This is an affront to the Chinese nation It is not acceptable that you do not take international norms into account. If you wish to make 10 gazillion Yuan in the next 20 years I suggest you refit your entire fleet prior to July 31st.

The Great Spitter in Chief

Dear Great Spitter in Chief

Yessir whatever say sir…We will install spittoons on every plane to take into account these international norms.

PS can we get half the 10 gazillion Yuan up front and half later ?


Maaaaaaaaybe some other people can write them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good draft. I’d suggest also adding something about 5000 years of history, and Germany “always” being part of China.



It just takes a few words, ‘From now on Taiwan is an independent country’! :sunglasses:

They can have Trump sign the EO!


It must be a bit soul-destroying, being a customer-services drone and having to think of polite ways to say ‘fuck off’.

Germany, kowtowing to China! How things change. The Iron Chancellor must be spinning in his grave.

Here’s a nice picture of Tianjin in 1914.


Are people also offended by “Taiwan, Republic of China”? And if China can be used as shorthand for Republic of China, what’s the big deal? Taiwan, R.O.C to differentiate from Jinmen, R.O.C or Matsu, R.O.C.

I know lots of people hate referring to Taiwan as “ROC” but until Taiwan changes its constitution, ROC is the real official name.


True, but there’s no way to remove ROC without starting a war. Current way is best with emphasis on Taiwan however China is trying to claim we are part of PRC not ROC.
It’s causing trouble with websites and phone numbers already as they automatically think you are PRC citizens in many cases.


Sounds nice and easy. Until you bring up as much as China hates the ROC and won’t recognize it. Changing it to anything else they hate worst and risk war. Also not to mention messes with our only chance in a full invasion giving the US a legitimate reason to back out of their agreement to offer military support because it can be reasonably interpreted as violating the status quo of the their one china policy. Almost no one as much as they want independent thinks thats a good move towards recognition and independence.

It really doesn’t matter what people call the country that is the island. What people want is the right to self determination, democratic elections, and the right to choose the government that governs the country and the people. Whether thats under the ROC or a newly established republic under a new constitution…the name is not the big picture.


Indeed, but that what the people already have right now. As another thread mentions, how to become independent when you’re already independent. I know, its lot more complicated than that…


I told them that no way I was flying with them… and I just received this email:

Dear Mr. Masala,

Thank you for your continuous email correspondence.

We were sorry to learn that our email does not meet your expectations. We ask you for your understanding that it was certainly not our intention to disappoint you further.

We would be pleased to hear from you again in the future if there is cause for praise or criticism. We hope to welcome you on board one of our flights again soon.

M. Levula


That’s so cool that they knew your Forumosa id. Very personal indeed!


I love that line. It says “I hate writing shit like this even more than I hate reading emails from disgruntled customers, but I’m too dull to get any other job.”


tbh, I wouldn’t mind writing emails like that if I could do so from my own home.
I’d drink some beer, too, while working.


I’m certain those email answering jobs are outsourced to India or the Philippines and they just follow corporate policy.




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