China ignores and threatens Taiwan's autonomy: what can we do?


We noticed it already, but thanks :wink:


If China insists that Taiwan belongs to China, the US and all major countries should move their embassies to Taiwan, just keeping smaller consulates in China PRC.


While most people are very unhappy with China’s antics…in reality if push comes to shove (do people still use that phrase?) companies will relinquish doing business with Taiwan if China forces them to do so. Taiwan is too small a market to be a major influence on the decision making. The rest of the world cannot help with this situation.
I do not like the situation but worry if Taiwan govt and residents push back too much some companies will feel business with Taiwan is not worth the trouble…greatly limiting our choices.


So Taiwan, aka everyone here, should start getting proactive and smart. If Taiwan were super innovative, competitive, sustainable and did it fairly clean we would be a shining beacon of not allowed to go to war with. And almost everything about Taiwan puts it at great advantage to do so, except the human will and interest part. If people care, let’s get organised and lead through example. not by buying pathetic hollow friendships like the rich freaks mom at school or like an ostrich in Chinese.


Being virtuous is, well, one way to live.

But honestly it’s basic geopolitics that will save our @sses. If the PRC makes a conventional military move on Taiwan, it’ll profoundly affect US and Japanese interests. Since this would not be a land war, there’s no way the PRC would win.

The PRC’s information warfare part—stressing that there’s no hope, that you might as well just give up—that’s already well underway.




The thing with the USA attacking China is that China would definitely cut off all manufacturing to the USA. Think the US as a country could survive without the Chinese factories in a war?


I thought that factories were already moving to cheaper places. Yes, I know, I know, not all of them of course, but China is not China anymore.


Those cheaper places also have heavy Chinese influence. Unless they are willing to side with the USA against China, it’s effectively the same.


They could see it as stopping depending on China.

TBH, I don’t see why these companies haven’t talked to each other and make a group decision. Would China punish ALL of them for not accepting their stupid demands? Nope. If one company doesn’t comply then yes that company could be at risk of losing some business in China. But if all the companies or the majority of them said “Listen China, I’m sorry to hear about your mental problems but we are here to help you” then China wouldn’t do shit. Because China needs those flights, and if China dares to take any action they have more to lose than to win.


These airlines are not a cooperative, they are competitors. Each one tries to get a bigger slice of the pie.


I still buy from China but many of my colleagues are starting to move operations to Thailand and Vietnam. Cheaper and less government hassle.


Competitors often sit down and discuss stuff, even fixing prices. When it’s too obscure and mafia like they are punished by governments.

So yes, competitors also sit down and talk.


I’m going to stop eating Chinese food in protest. No more sweetsour pork, no more egg foo young, no more peiping duck.

from now on its 3 cups frog and ohahmisua all the way.



Sure, they do, but for reasons unknown it seems they didn’t in this case.


China buys way more from Taiwan than it sells to Taiwan. 40-50% of Taiwan’s export go to China+HK and business has increased since 2016. All the talk about less economic dependency on China has been talk only so far.


Even the Mafia sometimes have a falling out.

Cooperation… competition, both are simply modes.

Perhaps the Orange One is waiting for an opportune moment to inject another dose of chaos into the global punditry. But to insert himself into cross-strait politics he will also have to choose sides between DPP and KMT. Can he force the issue of Taiwan independence?

If he does, he’ll have to back it up with the military. And right now the US Navy is in need of repair, after Ozymandias sabotaged the training.


I don’t know much about politics (nor anything else really :frowning: ), but for some reason I don’t think that Trump will bother to get into too many military troubles.


Possible motivations:

  1. Wag the dog.
  2. Pressure on Beijing.


I think the Don wants to get his feet wet in at least one conflict before the end of his term in office. Right now he’s like, hmm, North Korea, Iran, Taiwan Straits, Montenegro, eeney meeny miney moe…


It’s not Trump. It’s the military industrial complex.