China ignores and threatens Taiwan's autonomy: what can we do?


I want to buy from Taiwan but they move too slow here. It takes a month to get a quote here that I can get in a day from China. It would be to my advantage to export from Taiwan to get the 5% VAT back. Believe me, I have tried many, many times. Factories here are still living in the old days and the people who own them have already made there money, so they don’t feel a need to compete with anyone.


He is already printing out his 2020 campaign banners in China…before tariffs make them more expensive.

Hell if I am flying through US. A false flag attack is a matter of when … and the clock is ticking.


Gay pride and Trump 2020 flags made in same room :rofl:


Yes why wouldn’t they ?



Any war with China would be cause Taiwan’s economy to collapse. China would shoot down all planes and blow up all Taiwan military vessels in one day.

Then China would close Taiwan owned factories in China. After that just wait for Taiwan economy to grind to a halt. What company would place any long term orders with a Taiwan company? How much shipping and flights to Taiwan would be disrupted?
There is no good scenario for Taiwan in a conflict with China. The rest of the world can not do much to help. I do not think China will invade Taiwan but let it rot on the vine until is complete chaos…then see how to “cooperate” with Taiwan in future.


All in one day…I don’t think so .
Any war with Taiwan will also badly damage China.


Thats not how China thinks, thats how USA approaches a “problem” , storm and overthrow the opposition in 24 hours.

China I would suggest, looks to solve a problem differently.


A collapse of the Taiwanese economy would certainly affect the whole world, considering how big Taiwanese companies are in the chipmaking industry and how nearly anything with a flat screen is “made in Taiwan.”


If that happens these company’s are gonna be in deep doo doo. And its quite realistic to think it could happen. Which is why you shouldnt even give these terrorists as inch. Their demands will only get bigger. I can’t understand the logic in giving in to them. Its in nobody’s best interests to do business with people that don’t play fair to the extent that the ccp do.
I think too many had delusions about china opening up and improving and they have only gotten worse and worse.


China will not open up/get democracy etc. as there is no reason to do so. The world benefits from it being a massive dictatorship with tight control over everything, as problems, especially labor problems, are dealt swiftly on behalf of the highest bidder.


I do not like to be so pessimistic about Taiwan and China relationship…25 years relationship with this island makes me want to hope for great future here. However, the chances of peacefully resolving China’s claim for Taiwan is slim. If Taiwan does not go the HK route China will slowly strangle this island…not strangle to death…but will make life here unbearable.
Some Taiwan companies do have global economic impact but China is almost there to replicate what Taiwan produces…and most is produced in China which can be quickly seized in any conflict. More and more of management of Taiwan companies is done by local Chinese. I think China would confirm they can sources any key components without Taiwanese companies before entering any major conflict but would certainly close down Taiwan factories if needed. They would be more worried about laying off workers then losing Taiwan products.


This seems to be exactly what is happening in HK.

So what exactly is to be gained by capitulating?



Property prices all that jazz.
HK property prices higher than they have ever been.
More money for ppl who have money.


But property can only be hold for 50 years? Why pay through the nose for something your children will not inherit?


It’s not 50 years, it’s until 2047. At the moment no one knows what will happen after that, but it must be dealt with soon. A typical mortgage in hk is for 30 years, so unless the situation if clarified within a few years it will start affecting banks willingness to give out loans

  • 1 for those saying china will make Taiwan rot and beg them for cooperation. It’s the difference between them and places like the USA. The states are like boy bullies at school. They enjoy hitting things and beating their chests and farting (basically loud arrogance). Chinese gov is more psychopathic. Like a high school girl bully, they will turn your friends against you, humiliate you, gwt you fired from work, destroy your reputation and social status over time while enjoying watching you squirm in pain until your final day. And they are doing thousands of little things to make it happen. And some big things like the UN popularity paid friendship game. Some so small people don’t accept it’s anything important. Like the airline thing, it’s small enough that if people talk about it other people just look down at you like you have a tinfoil hat problem. But it’s happening everywhere. Sometimes just subtle things to slowly change people’s thoughts.

For example, today on Google (nicely played china, btw. Even the biggest companies are your bitch).

The thought we make good chips and flatsscreens will actually save us is beyond laughable. I think we need a bit more than cheap government corruption subsidies on flat screens to save our country from the monster that is china. Jesus.


Suppose Taiwan were to ignore and threaten China? What would happen?

What Taiwan needs is a publicity offensive. When everyday Americans confuse Taiwan with Thailand, you know somebody has dropped an important ball.


And Austria with Australia, and Swaziland with Switzerland and they never even heard of Kiwiland.

Everyday Americans couldn’t find their dick if it wasn’t, um, between their legs. :rofl:


Do you mean to imply that Taiwan is no more important than Swaziland?

A US friend once told me all they do in New Zealand is drink beer and fuck sheep. That’s more than most people need to know about New Zealanders, outside of that there aren’t a lot of them and they’re really far away. From everywhere.

They’re kind of like Tierra del Fuegans that way.

Most Americans know doodly squat about Idaho, and for good reason. How much do you know about Idaho? The only thing you need to know about Idaho is that you don’t really need to know anything about Idaho to get through life.