China is Buying 1000 Taiwan University Teachers


China is still using the all-out approach to buy Taiwan. In the meantime the Taiwan government is spending 1 billion NT to develop Manga comics (see Manga comic thread).


No problem, Taiwan has the Yushan Program now.

“By easing restrictions on the salary system and making wages more flexible, Taiwan will be able to build a superior academic environment and provide sufficient resources in response, as well as attract and retain exceptional talent.”


Gimme a break. The Yushan proposal (criticized roundly by NTU’s interim president in the TT article linked above) is just the latest is a series of Ministry of Education schemes that have done little to stop the precipitous drop of Taiwan’s universities in world university rankings. This drop has gone on long before the PRC announced its plans to further undermine/buy off some of Taiwan’s top researchers. With or without the PRC’s United Front tactics, Taiwan needs to figure out what it wants from its universities.



This amounts to less than 10 professors per Taiwan university and, I guess, an opening in my field at every second or third university. So thanks China!


I was being ironic.Certainly agree with you.


I think China knows Taiwanese employeers are some of the cheapest people on earth when it comes to salary. Taiwanese are very short sighted and don’t see beyond the nickel and diming. China is playing a better long run game in my opinion.


I looked up Fujian province briefly it alone has 39 million people. It probably has a very substantial economy already.

I know a couple of Taiwanese who have migrated over there for business and jobs over the years.
It would be interesting to see if this is really a thing or just a government statement.

Right now there is a lot of funding for the top universities in China but I’m not sure how the general university funding situation is.

There is funding going into various projects in Taiwan, recently there have been huge funds approved for Nangang biotechnology institute and also food research and safety screening just to mention two. Then there are some military related projects I’m sure like the submarine plans.


I would say it goes both way. A large portion of Taiwanese people have ancestry that migrated from fujian. There’s always been a large amount of migration from fujian and taiwan. Their local dialect is like Taiwanese. And share many similar cultural similarities.


Ive visited Xiamen a few times there are a lot of Taiwanese business people there. Its a very nice city used to have a poster here who was based there.
It is indeed very similar to Taiwan in many aspects which is not really surprising.


The two places have strong ties. Many businesses in fujian came to taiwan to open trade during Manchurian rule in Qing time. The Manchurian really wasn’t all that interested in the island outside of island just loosely pledge to the Qing court. So I think there would still be strong business ties between the island and fujian till this day.


It’s quite lame to assume there’s some sort of special affinity between Taiwanese and Chinese in Fujian province. Taiwanese people do not have strong ties to Fujian province of China anymore than the Brits have strong ties to Normandy province of France. Gimme a break!

And to even think that it’s a creative way to lure Taiwanese into annexation is even more laughable.


Xiamen is indeed not too bad. Fuzhou on the other hand …


You need a few more centuries before you can make that analogy. (Unless one of our resident “Saxons” has something to say about it…)


i agree with this. plenty of taiwanese don’t like china at all. but they would accept a job over there if offered a job with a slightly higher salary. even though everything else is lower over there. i know someone who had to do a lot of business trips there. complained every time. never had a single good thing to say about china. just accepted a full time job there because of salary.

china doesn’t need to go to war to beat taiwan, they just need to offer a slightly higher salary for ever job going in taiwan and the whole country will empty out.

i also don’t think much of the connections to fujian. for young people anyway, they just dont like or have any interest in china. the connection they care about isn’t ancestry, its money.


Actually no. China’s offering every Taiwanese $X is not based on market economy and is not sustainable. Inevitably those who Taiwanese who live in China end up paying for the true cost one way or another. China’s debt level is over 300%. Taiwan can raise its debt level to 300%GDP through national socialist policies such as SOE monopoly, nepotism and favouritism, just like China does. And it will look good on paper. Salary will rise just like you engineer that debt-fueler GDP rise. However its just deception, and only stupid people would go live in China because only the lucky ones get to get out out of China in one piece.


The last post seems way off base. China has the worlds second biggest economy there are many opportunities to have a good career there especially for Taiwanese people with ambition.
Its not going to be paradise but working there won’t be worse than working here in Taiwan in most cases. With a higher salary of course many will be interested.

Salaries there can be much higher than Taiwan because they are competing for talent in a growing pie and so willi~g to invest a lot, here it’s often a closed shop between the employers and a lot of local companies take it as a fixed pie to divide up.


Both sides of my family are typical Taiwanese-speaking Taiwanese and we don’t have any ties with Fujian. Not even the feeling of affinity that you would imagine. Fujian never occurs in any conversation among our families, and we don’t consider our people (Taiwanese-Taiwanese) to be subordinates or descendants of Fujian province of China. We don’t have familial ties with them. They are not our clansmen. We don’t consider Fujian any more special than anybody from China.

I can assure you that I am a good representative of the majority of Taiwanese although I’m aware that anybody can dismiss my claim as speaking for myself. But, at the end of the day it’s true though. )


There’s so much wrong with this post it’s hard to know where to start.
I’ll just point out that China is a fantastic lucrative option for many Taiwanese


If you go to South East Asia, you’d meet ethnic Chinese and most of them have strong ties with Fujian and possess a Hokkien identity. But sorry, Taiwanese-Taiwanese are not the same as these ethnic-Chinese in SEA.

SEA Chinese migrated to SEA and their decedents retain their Hokkien identity , whereas the Taiwanese-Taiwanese are just majority Formosans who assimilated minority Hokkein migrants and Hokkien culture. Through commerce and administration the Hokkien language became lingua franca. (Consider English became the lingua franca of Ireland and even India) So even though Taiwanese now speak Taiwanese which is mutually intelligible with Hokkien, Taiwanese heritage and lineage is not the same. In 20 years if the Taiwanese language becomes extinct, and every Taiwanese-Taiwanese speaks Mandarin, it won’t mean that Taiwanese-Taiwanese were originally from Northern China either.


I’m sure there are more ways to make money in China than taking money out of China :rofl: