China Is Forcing Tourists to Install Text-Stealing Malware at its Border

Now it’s happened. Time to bring a burner phone with you to China. This is some really scary shit here. It’s not every border but definitely the ones near Xinjiang.

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The little interest I had in visiting China has now dropped to zero.


US is catching up

‘There were 33,295 searches of travellers’ devices in the 2018 financial year. . The searches are often warrantless."


Do they need warrants to search people coming into the country? I wouldn’t think so.

I have travelled extensively throughout China except for Tibet and Xinjiang. If you only want to visit once, aside from Beijing and Xian, I highly recommend the province of Shanxi. Google for details.

Thanks. That’s very helpful.

You’re most welcome!

Its silly how the world still enables that country…

Basically they find every excuse to be as unamerican as they can. Not a citizen? No constitutional rights, or constitutional rights only at our whim…

America is not the land of the free.

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Putting spyware on phones and monitoring texts. Sounds creepy, invasive, and undemocratic. Certainly nothing anyone that believes in American values would do.

It’s a good thing that nobody does that in other East Asian countries nearby.

China puttiNg the muslim kids in separate camps now…Sick bastards.

So far!

Repeating history???

Canada sent native children to residential schools. Australia took aboriginal children from their parents.

CCP’s expansionism is a repeat of human history!

2 wrongs dont make a right.

One thing i find amazing is how countries like canada and australia, as per your example, did that and changed. Canada as a better example because they try so hard to be equal and care about minorities. Meanwhile they dont have 2 shits to give when saving 10 cents at walmart buying the chinese version.

Im not sure if the majority are ignorant or hypocrites but its annoying as all hell to listen to. If their phone was made in north korea, wpuld they have the same attitude?

I still do not understand why countries enable this shithole country (meaning their government). Its embarrassing…


British did a lot worse than both of them . Americans and immigrants committed genocide against native people too.
But they are old stories. This is 2019 we are talking about.
China under Xi is going completely the wrong direction . Disastrous waste of human capital and talent.
Anyway Taiwanese people should face facts…They would be setting up camps here for the greens if they got the chance.

The British left their mark on slave trade (ranked second after Portugal) and colonialism (crown glory). That’s why the British monarchy is filthy rich!

I agree the CCP is heading in the wrong direction. Instead of building China for China, the apparatchiks of Zhongnanhai is steering for self-interests and the dignity of Chinese ethnicity.

Perhaps Taiwan should consider joining the USA like Hawaii???

Not all of it are old stories, Canada practiced involuntary sterilization by the thousands until 1972.

Cultural genocide in Xinjiang right now is absolutely and shamelessly undignified. Why is the CCP repeating history???

The indigenous peoples have signed agreements for self government with the Canadian federal government which is a victory for celebration and liberation.

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Whats left of them :unamused: