China is picking quarrels and provoking trouble (November 2021 and beyond)

Not a very usual thing then?

Well they sure have Japan’s attention, making it more and more certain that any attempt to undermine Taiwan will be viewed as an attempt to undermine Japan’s security.

As always, Beijing is doing a great job of uniting the neighbourhood against it.


They’re just getting up to speed with carrier operations. It’s probably intended as a provocation, if that matters.

Right, like turning it without stalling.


No. Way. :roll_eyes:

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Or as i like to call it

I’m shocked! Shocked I tell ya!

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In case your head is still buried in the sand somewhere:


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Also, boards don’t hit back.

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This is sensible, nothing revelatory

What Is China Learning From Russia’s War in Ukraine? America and Taiwan Need to Grasp—and Influence—Chinese Views of the Conflict

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I think they’re learning that Russia’s aggression and the economic sanctions it has incurred will wreck China should they just build up and invade Taiwan.

Let’s hope so.


I definitely agree that China has most likely seen this as a warning. The author’s argument that the US didn’t intervene directly because of nukes doesn’t acknowledge other possibilities, such as perhaps they saw this as a possible distraction from Taiwan and didn’t want to commit to Ukraine at the expense of Taiwan which is arguably more important to American interests now.

But other points I think are wise, like Xi will not give up but will learn from this, and the US and Taiwan should do the same

I came here thinking there was at least 5 years where I didn’t need to worry. I’ll add another 5 because of Ukraine and other developments. After that, let’s see what things look like…


They are still disappearing people.


I don’t know how much either side can learn. An invasion and war with modern and well equipped militaries will be unlike anything we’ve seen. It won’t be like Ukraine.

It could last a few weeks with both sides just throwing as much ammo at each other and taking each other’s tech and satellite out or it could last years after the first few weeks/months of just heavy causalities.

We don’t know what it will be like, really… best laid plans and all that

And I believe it will be the first major conflict with nuclear powers assuming the US jumps in. India could also be in play.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that

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I’ve said this before, I don’t get China’s strategy. If I was Xi, I would just stay quite on Taiwan while building up his military. Lull the west and Taiwan for the time being and then just come. Why put everyone on high alert and make enemies of your neighbors and piss off the west?

I’m flattered, but why are you typing like me all of a sudden?

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