China is picking quarrels and provoking trouble

Thats one read, he is also quite stupid and a bit of a meathead though.不支持武统的原因/ This is a good thread

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the graphics are bad-ass

While it’s true he isn’t very well versed in literature, and often making idiotic mistakes while trying to sound learned, in many ways very similar to Korean Fish, he also doesn’t have any military background.

His “military experience” just involved him being a secretary for the head of the MND. He’s a bureaucrat through and through. He sounds extremely hawkish partly because he needs the military’s support for all his power grabs, and that support was gained by placating to the hawkish factions in the PLA.

He reads Chinese characters wrong and didnt have much formal education. Thats why everyone calls him 小學生 , as he has the educational level of a 12 year old. Would say he is way less intelligent and savvy than Han

He has complete control of the military because of his family background, something Hu struggled with. I think he is very hawkish because of his bloodlines(he is red aristocracy) and the people he surrounds himself with.

He has always been someone who is very aggressive, lot of willpower but average abilities.

I think Jiang and Hu were roughly ok with 92 Consensus grey areas, as they were pragmatists chosen by Deng and very able people. Xi isnt that. He is an ambitious ruthless aristocrat, surrounded by other red elites who are true believers of the party.

This is worth considering when evaluating his actions. He isnt an intellectual or master chess player

The closest thing to combat military experience in China, besides subjugating their own population, was an ambush on the Indian army (speaking of provoking fights). And even when they had weapons (albeit improvised), the element of surprise, and greater numbers (by Indian accounts), they still didn’t have a clear victory (officially 4 Chinese deaths to India’s 20, but that’s if one believes the PRC in which case there’s a bridge I’d like to sell)…

His family’s credentials were completely destroyed by the cultural revolution, his father jailed, his half sister forced to commit suicide. Tsinghua in China seriously considered rejecting his application because of his father. Of course, things got a lot better once Deng took office.

Xi’s father was for opening up trade, and opposed massacring the students at Tiananmen. Let’s just say Xi is nothing like his father.

Thats not how China works. Around 1982, the party elites decided that they needed to protect their fiefdom and wanted to make sure that their bodies werent dug up after they were dead. They created a seperate elite world in China to protect their families and descendants going forward. Red Elites go to their own schools, fly on their own planes, have their own restaurants and business networks.

They are above everyone in China and get their wealth from the State owned industries. Li Peng of Tiananmen Square fame, his family for example own a lot of the State electricity companies and are billionaires. Same as the Deng family.

They protect each other. Look at how the State protected Meng Wanzhou compared to Jack Ma.

Being a CCP member doesnt make you a red elite. Its based on your bloodline and have a family member who was part of the original revolutionary clique.

Xi is an immortal because of his father and lives entirely within the world of the red elites. He was able to take control of the PLA, because of his family background. He has nothing to fear, apart from other elites like Bo Xilai, who he ousted.

You can say the upper echelons of the CCP are a mix of aristocrats and technocrats, and purposely organized in that way. Take for example Li Keqiang, or Wen Jiabao, these people are insanely able and smart, true geniuses, but they dont have the bloodline, so can only have so much power.

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Its basically a mafia clique. They have their own codes of communication and even their own forms of Omerta.

More than half of the people replying are Taiwanese. It’s hard to say if the rest are all actual new Chinese expats, and even then, only about 1/3 of those actually opposes invading Taiwan.

This is obviously not a Chinese expat



These people either had to get pass the great firewall, or they are already living outside of China.

1982 is after Deng taking the office for the third time and finally had a firm grasp on power.

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Id day 60-75% oppose war. Its the most upvoted thread of the week.

A lot of people who support it are the 高華 , wealthy overseas mainlanders that wont be affected by war.

Most people on China/IRL use VPN’s. Thats the point of the forum. For Chinese to talk freely.

Yeah, everyone was fucked over by Mao in the CR, especially Deng. But the elite system was set up in the early 80’s to protect revolutionary families.

With the technology now, all the Great Firewall needs to do is to block off IPs from known VPNs to completely cut off that route. At that point, encryption is completely meaningless if the packets can’t get through in the first place. The fact that some VPNs still operates fine in China means those connections probably aren’t as secure as you’d think.

Xi was already out of the university by that time. He narrowly got accepted by Tsinghua in 1975, despite oppositions from the party.

People know that. And always suspicion there that police are on there. Most Chinese in metropolitan areas use VPN.

I dont know if you ever read PincongRocks, the anti-CCP forum? On there some people have been taken to drink tea, despite using VPN, but never so far on Reddit.

Xi has a strange type of stockholm syndrome in my mind. He loves the party and wants to go back to the good old days.

But his childhood was clearly shit. His father was denounced and seperated from the family for a decade. Xi himself was sent to the countryside for most of his adolescence and forced to do hard labour. Tsinghua in 1975 was a mess. A political institution with little real education going on.

This is why I worry about him and the generation in China who grew up at that time. The Cultural Revolution warped their morality and worldview to such a bizarre and twisted extent. Its really hard to deal with people like that.

Thats a joke btw.

Yeah, I know, but clearly only funny to those who don’t mind a military invasion of Taiwan.

Erm, people dont like Xi at all. I think its just a silly joke.

What does “unarmed” mean in a battle fought with rocks?