China longtermer stuck in Taiwan due to COVID looking for a job/visa advice

They do pretty well believe me. Stock, bonuses, salary , cost of living isn’t that high here either.

I know some software engineers who earn NT50-70K whose salaries haven’t budged for many years. That don’t seem like a lot.

Does that 50-70k include bonuses?

Software doesn’t pay well in Taiwan in general.

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Doctors do surprisingly well, my brother in law practices whatever its called when you mainly diagnose kids and is making ~5mil/ year down in Kaoshiung.

He works kind of long hours, but the hourly wage still ends up being okay despite the long hours.

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Cos they shove drugs down everybody’s throat from drug stores they co-own. And of course they.bill higher to the jianbao.

That’s about on par with a pediatric doctor in the US, but a lot less than the mean salary.

But those doctors in the US work less and see far fewer patients. I’m sure their malpractice insurance takes a lot more though.

Doctors in the US get paid extremely well on a global scale, it’s not a very useful comparison and docs are doing just fine in Taiwan.

How “temporary”? A few day, weeks, or months? Also, has anyone addressed how difficult it is to get the paperwork? And that usually, you’d be tied to an annual contract?

And even if you did get a job, that does not entitle your family members the right to stay. What’s the current situation for foreigners they don’t have an ARC?

Hey, everybody – just want to say a big THANK YOU for all the replies to my OP, because yesterday I got a non-buxiban job that looks like it will be way more enjoyable.

I wasn’t ever looking forward to going back to buxiban work, and this thread made me realize there were other options within reach. So thanks!


Good for you!
What kind of job did you end up taking?

How about your family? Will you be able to get them to stay as dependents without them leaving the country?