China lost control over a rocket delivering a section of the Tiangong space station

hmm… same k.e. as a typical APFSDS round then, assuming it stays intact and doesn’t burn up. I would have expected more than that. Still wouldn’t want to be standing underneath it, though.

It will hit Africa or S. America. They just plan for that because those are the toilet continents.

At least that’s what BLM and Antifa told me.

Based on the charts I think it’s falling at 0.144 m/s right now. It’s going to take awhile before it speeds up to its terminal velocity of 30.252 m/s. Assuming it’s already falling at the terminal velocity, it would only take 3 hours to make impact.

Apparently, designing rockets to avoid this has been done for years, but the Chinese rocket scientists either
(1) don’t know
(2) don’t care
(3) can’t figure it out


Now it’s falling at 0.250 m/s. It has lost 83 km in altitude over 5 days, and there are still 292 km more to go. So, I guess it will hit the earth before reaching terminal velocity, maybe around May 22?

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It has nothing to do with the rocket part drifting slowly to the ground. It’s moving at close to 8000m/s and at some point (probably somewhere around 150km altitude?) it’s going to encounter more air, and that will slow it down just enough to decay its orbit to nothing. The reason it’s a decaying orbit is because part of its orbit is hitting air, so over time the orbit gets lower and lower until suddenly it hits thicker atmosphere and it burns up.


Since the entire planet has historically been part of China and is now therefore part of China, I suppose they just assume it doesn’t matter if bits of crap land on their own territory/citizens. :man_shrugging:

Wouldn’t exactly be the first time they’ve fucked up and expected the rest of us to foot the bill, would it?

Deja vu? This article from May 2020

“…Monday at 11:33 a.m. ET as it was flying over the Atlantic Ocean. About 15 to 20 minutes before that, the debris (20-ton rocket stage) sailed over New York City”

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I think it’s going that right now around 190 KM off the ground. It seems to be coming into contact with a thicker layer of air and as a result bouncing back up to around 200 KM and then gradually come down again.

It’s a micro-meteorite attack before the second attack comes. That’s what I learned watching The Expanse.

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maybe we should start calling it ‘rocket science with chinese characteristics’


Fanfair-filled launches that rapidly devolve in to uncontrollable descend that ends with crash and burn?

when you put it that way, it works for the socialism also!

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Neither Russia nor China have never been a socialist state. They just call themsevles that much like many “Democratic Republics” around the world.

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I’m not expert enough on socialism, but I am pretty sure you have one negative too many in there!

True, hence the leadership ‘elite’!

Maybe Chinese space agency plays Kerbal Space Program and just pretends that the spent stages can land anywhere on earth to be recovered.

It’s rather worrying that China doesn’t even seem to care that the world is mocking them. They seem to realise there’s nothing that anybody can, or will, do about their attitude to planetary health-and-safety.


I think it’s more like the world is going to malign China no matter what they do. Even if they would up solving world poverty and gave everyone in the world a 10,000NT UBI, they’d still mock China.

So they stopped caring…

China has more than their fair share of blame for hate towards them. Even back when taiwan owned china…this is one short bus student that might be better off locked inside during recess…