China move to Africa: Mutual benefits or neo-colonialism?

Well, that “exploitation” left plumbing and power systems, roads, rails and ports along with vastly improved schools (were there any before?) hospitals and the like as well as for a time rule of law. This is all pretty much gone now. So to my way of thinking, those who bemoan the “exploitation” of Africa under the Europeans are not very cognizant of how bad things are and will become now that they have left.

When have I hammered the Europeans “en masse?” My beefs with certain European governments (read: Germany and France and Belgium) were due to the almost traitorous opposition to the US led war in Iraq. Since then, I believe that we are all getting along quite well again so need to bring this up.


Given that it has oil, possibly better than the norm. How’s that for sad?

Vastly overrated by eager optimists. Forty percent of adults in Botswana have AIDS. Did you know that?

No, you are just uninformed.

Dear Little Naif:

There is no hope for Africa. Nothing but bad things will come out of that continent for the next perhaps up to 50 years. In time, it is possible that things will improve. IF Western governments were to recolonize Africa to establish rule of law, stability and reconnect trade routes in a sensible fashion, perhaps, perhaps, Africa would see the necessary jump to sustainable economic and political and even hell social development. Pity. Europe seems so full of itself these days. Busy arguing away about retirement ages and how much pension and vacation time etc… one gets. It would be nice if Europe would once again rise to the challenge of something like this by engaging it in a massive effort. I doubt that will happen. Europe is already a dying civilization and will be gone within 30 years at this rate. Pity. Much there was of value, tremendous value. No one in Europe believes in fighting for anything anymore unless ironically it is “peace.”

From the Institute for Security Studies: … &tmpl_id=3