China nuclear bombers attack US base on Guam in disturbing simulated video -

Interesting that they didn’t include any way for the bombers to avoid any of the defence of the island. Lol. Typical chest puffing from the ccp.


Pearl.harbor gone nuclear :rofl:
But yeah you are right I doubt they would get that close. A very slim chance. The video is very nasty though.

Didn’t Marvel blow up Shanghai like 17 times? Fair’s fair.


It’s the Express though, i’m surprised the headline doesn’t have “200,000€ a WEEK salary” and “Kerry Katona BLOWS UP on Twitter after 3.9 EARTHQUAKE”

Sorry for the dig up but I was watching a totally unrelated video and the guy said that China has 5 kilotons Atomic bombs with a blast radius of about 20 kilometers.

Xindian is like 8 kilometers far from Taipei downtown, so Google says. There go our air defenses.

Taoyuan airport is about 48 kilometers away, so … We’re doomed.

How far is TSMC from Taipei? About 84 kilometers. So, safeish

Most modern tanks will survive an initial.first strike. However, yeah it would be problematic if they went nuclear. However, if they tried that against the new US/UK/Australia alliance China will get turned to dust by the UK alone with trident let alone the US nuclear might. They won’ t dare go nuclear (yet). Here is a lovely tune with beautiful film footage for China to think over

I don’t think they will get that far.

Rumour has it that Chinese jet engines are shite. They just can’t make them properly, despite stealing loads of technology from the Russians (who refuse to sell them anything sensitive now). So they’ll probably drop out of the sky somewhere over the Philippine Sea … oh, sorry, the East China Sea.

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Which way will the wind be blowing when they drop this huge bomb on Taiwan. Fallout’s a bitch, no?

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Hopefully North

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