China Post = Scary Old-school Pro-China KMT Paper

This is still a really scary Old School KMT/PFP/CCP alliance newspaper. Pretty sick they still think like this. This editorial really exposes them for what they are. Don’t they know the times have changed and Taiwan will never be like this again.

How can they still advocate the same ambiguous views that got Taiwan into the trouble it is in now? They sound like a mouthpiece for China.

The rabid PRC fans on Pro-Communist China web forums tipped me off to this article as I would never saw it because I don’t read that China Nationlist Party mouthpiece. However, those Pro-PRC Red Guards love this article! … 2314&GRP=i

The situation can be summed up in this cartoon.

And yet I bet the Post is not complaining about the unconstitutionality of the passage of the “truth investigation commission” by the pan-blue-controled legislature… :loco:

All 3 English language papers here pretty much suck 'scooter smoke.

Each run a slightly different version of the same stories. I doubt that any of them would fill 2 pages with out the Guardian, AFP or Reuters. Laughable.

IMHO, the CP has the best comics. But like I said; all 3 appear to be operated by 2nd year journo students with little to no adult supervision.